Hess Is More

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Hess Is More
Hess is More is Mikkel Hess, not sure if that’s supposed to be a secret or not…? His new album is set to release in just a few days, October 11th to be exact, it’s titled “Creation Keeps the Devil Away”. A lot of people are taking the lazy way out and comparing it to genius Erlend Øye, which is way too easy but definitely can be heard. His soft voice and dancey folk beats will get you dancing in your highwater jeans, do people still say that? A little Who Made Who, a little Orange Juice, and throw in some margarita salt for good measure.

Hess is More is a first date must, put this in your car when you pick up your date and just wait for them to ask who this is as they groove along. It will instantly give you cool points and the conversation goes from there. If they know who it is then that’s just a sign of a long laster.

“Creation Keeps the Devil Away” is a sensual album that is good from start to finish, and is on it’s way to top of 2011 lists for me. Check out “Going Looking for the End of the World”, it’s my favorite track on this magical carpet ride.

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Hess is More- “Creation Keeps the Devil Away”


Cut Copy/ San Diego Giveaway

contest mix tour

Cut Copy/ San Diego Giveaway
Cut Copy are touring, and what better way to celebrate than with a mix commissioned for their tour and a contest. Unfortunately we only have a contest for tickets to see them in San Diego , but fortunately we have tickets to give them away to San Diego with Washed Out and Midnight Magic. Soooooo… here it goes. Follow us on facebook here, on twitter here, or on instagram(username Rchrd) and either post your favorite lyric, a picture of your favorite album or single, or a post or picture of you doing something Cut Copy related and the best and/or more posts gets the pair! Remember to @ me so I can see it if you post on your wall(@bigstereo facebook & twitter and @rchrd on instagram). Winner will be announced on Wednesday! Good luck!

Cut Copy Tour Mix Pt2 – Noise In My Head by cutcopymusic

Sat 8 October – Vancouver, BC @ The Vogue
Sun 9 October – Portland, OR @ Wonder
Wed 12 October – Hollywood, CA @ The Palladium
Fri 14 October – San Diego, CA @ 4th and B
Sat 15 October – San Francisco, CA @ Treasure Island Music Festival
Sun 16 October – Pensacola, FL @ DeLuna Festival
Wed 19 October – Porto Alegre, Brazil @ Bar Opiniao
Fri 21 October – São Paulo, Brazil @ HSBC Brazil
Sat 22 October – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ Circo Voador
Tues 25 October – Dublin, Ireland @ The Button Factory
Wed 26 October – Manchester, UK @ Manchester Club Academy
Thurs 27 October – London, UK @ Roundhouse
Fri 28 October – Paris, France @ Pitchfork Music Fest
Sat 29 October – Bilbao, Spain @ Santana 27
Sat 3 December – Sydney City, NSW @ Homebake 2011
Fri-Sun 9-11 December – Meredith, VIC @ Meredith Music Festival
Thurs-Sat 29-31 December – Gisborne, NZ @ Rhythm & Vines Festival



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Late last year, our correspondent and great friend Angie Mendoza of VidiVici TV spoke to French electronic misterioso producer Kavinsky. This interview somehow got lost in the shuffle and just like Kavinsky’s zombie alter ego, we decided to bring it back from the dead. His 2010 track “Night Call” (vocals by Lovefoxxx of CSS) is featured in the title sequence of the box office hit Drive, starring Ryan Gosling. Drive has gotten loads of Oscar buzz so, we’re hoping so will that track.

Little is known about Kavinsky other than he was a man that was killed in an automobile accident in 1986 with his beloved Ferrari Testarossa. He rose from the dead in zombie form and is now doomed to cruise the streets with his prized possession trying to right the wrongs he made in life. Kavinsky’s music is dark and full, and it gives way to your imagination. It reminds you of those awesome forgotten horror film gems of the 80s, a few Italian directors come to mind. Youtube is filled with fan videos and after listening to a few of his tracks back to back on any given day you too will find inspiration for a fan vid. Kavinsky took a moment to speak to us about his alter ego and his true beginnings when he was known only as Vincent.

In 2005, I decided to try to make music because I used to have a lot of friends that were already in, like Mr. Oizo, Jackson and his Computer Band and all those guys were in my high school. I was trying to be, like, an actor, but it was very boring to me. So I decided to change everything and maybe try music. And, uh, my friend, Mr. Oizo, gave me a computer, it was a very old apple. He wanted to put it in the trash. I was like, no no no, give me that. I thought I’d try to make music with [it] He said, yeah yeah yeah, you can try if you want. And uh, I was making, for I don’t know, like one year, big shit music. Um, like nonsense, it was really bad.

And then one time I made “[Autodrive] Testarossa”. I just presented it to a friend that I knew from Mr. Oizo from making a video clip for Sebastian Tellier. And I made him listen to this track, and he was like wow, that’s new to me. So I went to that label with just that one track and he asked me “do you have any more?” And we released that EP “Teddy Boy” like that, for fun. I was very surprised to see people, like, very enjoying it. So I was like yeah, maybe, okay, let’s try music. So that’s the real self story for being like a real musician. Like, but I’m not, so yeah that’s the story. I play piano with like 2 fingers so I cannot say I’m a musician.

Rest of interview after the Jump »»

Active Child

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Active Child
I am completely fascinated and possessed with Active Child fever. His music is absolutely stunning and magical, an adventure to the senses. The eerie and vacant sound is reminiscent of a space odyssey or a winter murder scene. The complete album is good through and through and as you can tell I am completely obsessed with this sound right now. I never thought I would say this but I can’t wait for winter just to cuddle up to music like this. Too bad our coldest days only reach the upper 50′s.

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Active Child-”Ancient Eye”

Active Child Tour Dates

Oct 28 – Washington DC @ Black Cat (Early Show)*
Oct 28 – Washington DC @ Black Cat (Late Show)*
Oct 29 – Raleigh, NC @ King’s Barcade & Tavern*
Oct 30 – Asheville, NC @ Moogfest
Oct 31 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade*

more dates after the Jump »»




Reptar is a cropped hair, skinny jeans wearing girls wet dream hailing from the wonderful indie dance ridden state of Georgia. For fans of Arcade Fire, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, and the like. Their new EP “Obangle Fizz Y’all”(don’t ask) is on replay. A favorite track of mine is “Blast Off” and really does just that. They’re playing in a town near you, in fact so many dates that I had to make it an extension of this post cause It would make my eyes bleed. How does a band do this?! I will be lucky enough to see these guys with Foster the People and Cults and I can already tell I will be pushing those snobby teens out of the way to be upfront. Look for me, I’ll be the 30 year old showing these punks how to get down.

09.29 Boston, MA: House of Blues*

10.01 Toronto, ON: Sound Academy *

10.02 Columbus, OH: Lifestyle Communities Pavilion*

10.04 Indianapolis, IN: The Vogue*

10.05 Chicago, IL: Riviera Theatre

more dates after the Jump »»


Geoffrey O’Connor


Geoffrey O’Connor’s solo career has landed today, the album ‘Vanity is Forever’. This album has absolutely all the lickin’s of a Crayon Fields album but gets a little more personal. It’s like the first CF albums were a few hang out’s with a cute boy and his friends, and now ‘Vanity Forever’ is the first night over at Geoff’s. Some vintage sounding ballads reminding me of Lou Reed, Jarvis Cocker, and a little 70′s era David Bowie. This is the perfect date.

Take a listen to the full album here.

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Geoffrey O’Connor-”Whatever Leads Me To You”


Lesbians On Ecstasy


Lesbians on Ecstasy and crowd pleaser Big Freedia are out with a new track. We needed to gay up the site a bit, been a long time, about a week! Thank the antigod too, because I haven’t from these womyn for way too long! Get your hands on the mp3 plus a remix here.

Young Galaxy


Just cause I am obsessive when it comes to music, and I can’t get enough of them. So upset I missed them last night!



Publicist has a new EP coming out ‘Hardwork’. You might all remember him from Trans Am and Weird War but he’s been doing the solo thing as Publicist for a few years now, and it’s always just as fun. His live show is always a must, especially to all of you drum nerds out there. Take a look at his new kooky video.


Young Galaxy


Young Galaxy
Young Galaxy is on tour for two more dates with Junior Boys San Francisco at Mezzanine on September 23rd and at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on September 24th. If these tickets aren’t all gone I would get on this as soon as possible.

Young Galaxy’s album ‘Shapeshifting’ is on my top of 2011 list. If you haven’t picked it up, I’d highly suggest you pick it up. It’s an ethereal soundscape that will whisk you away from any negative situation you may have. I have been listening to it nonstop at work, and trust me it makes even the most mundane of moments feel like an unreachable cartoon fantasy. It reminds me of my youth, of having dreams influenced by watching Labyrinth and wishing to meet Bowie and of listening to my dads Jon and Vangelis records(if you know who that is props to you). Maybe I did too many drugs in the 90s, or maybe that’s just what Young Galaxy intended with ‘Shapeshifting’. Don’t miss out on seeing them. Here’s a great remix they did for Grimes for your listening pleasure.

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Grimes-”Crystal Ball(Young Galaxy Remix)”


Boss In Drama

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Boss In Drama
Boss In Drama has a new album out today! He’s sweet enough to let us give away “I Don’t Want Money Tonight”, and there’s a link to listen to the full album here. As South America’s solution to Miami Horror(although he’s been in the game just as long), Boss In Drama is the next big thing for us. Enough disco to get the pimps working and enough street cred to get the cholo’s bumping this in their lowrider, I mean a pretty gay cholo but a hot one none the less. “Disco Karma” is already one of my favorite tracks of the year. Justin Timberlake only wishes he had this much glitter.

Buy this on itunes here. I would, but I’m waiting for this on vinyl. Let me hear the crackling of this disco infused heart melter.

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Boss In Drama- “I Don’t Want Money Tonight”

Cut Copy


Cut Copy – Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution

So excited to see these guys live again. Especially with Washed Out and Midnight Magic. One of the best bands to come out of the last decade for sure. Put them in a needle and shoot me up.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs


BigStereo favorite!




Another band I am currently obsessing over is S.C.U.M.. They are far too young and far too talented. I would name drop all of their relatives but then it might over shadow them. Too good to be true and will make all of your gothy shoegaze dreams come true.

Banda Uó



Sorry I just can’t get enough, and I wan’t them to come rock me to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzz. I love them, they are too cute. Vote for them for the MTV Music Awards here!


Banda Uó


Banda Uó
Country du jour seems to be Brazil lately on BigStereo, and for good reason. These kids sure now how to party and anywhere, anytime. New obsession is Banda Uó, two hot gays and a hot ass tranny. Their style is Tecno Brega and their pop and dance covers of cheesy past favorites and current guilty pleasures like Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” are giving me a reason to enjoy the songs publicly. Watch out for these guys as they are getting mass attention including from Brazil obsessed Diplo and even MTV Brazil, which I hear is a more realiable source than shit show MTV USA.

This version of The Cure’s “Close to Me” vs Two Door Cinema Club’s “Something Good Can Work” is light and fluffy and makes rainbows come out of my eyes.



Super Melody

album mp3 music tour

Super Melody
Super Melody(James Cecil/Architecture in Helsinki) is coming to the States! Let’s do this people! I will definitely will be at the San Francisco show. His album ‘Destination Unknown’ was finally released in the states this week, so be sure to grab that.

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Super Melody-”Worker Bee (Faux Pas Remix)”

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Super Melody-”Worker Bee”


Atari Teenage Riot

tour video


Atari Teenage Riot is coming to the states and if they’re even half as good as when I saw them play last, more than 10 years ago, then this will be the show of the year. Don’t miss this and don’t forget to be prepared to get bruised and abused.

Tour dates after the Jump »»


All Leather


Warning! NSFW!

All Leather are at it again. This time with a little filthier and artsier nightmare. The costumes are incredible and scare the shit out of me, like the guy in the video I guess. A tribute to Industrial from the 90′s? Maybe. But if this is the route the band is going in then keep me signed up. Make sure to check out Justin Pearson’s other band Retox with Atari Teenage Riot in LA and in San Diego.


Man Like Me


If color blocking were a band, it might sound like Man Like Me. These two guys are a little nuts but they sure bring out the color of England.

Tour dates:

24/09 – Brighton Concorde 2
29/09 – Kingston Hippodrome
06/10 – London Garage
19/10 – Southampton Joiners
21/10 – Bristol Start The Bus
22/10 – Reading Oakford Social
26/10 – Leeds A Nation Of Shopkeepers
27/10 – Manchester Ruby Lounge
28/10 – Birmingham The Rainbow
29/10 – Nottingham Stealth

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