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Where are you going with this? I’m confused. Are you going ambient on me?



album video

New album out on May 29th in the US. I can’t wait. I was absolutely obsessed with the last album, and although this seems like less of a dance floor ready album I can honestly say I don’t care. I love her voice and there’s nothing like a summer album to sing a long to. Bring it on!



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Well the rock and blues The Gossip we know is non existent, but thats why they dropped the The, new sound new band. I’m definitely not opposed. Here’s their new single “Perfect World”, less Tina Turner and more Stevie Nicks, but I’m all over it! New album coming soon!


Penguin Prison Contest

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Penguin Prison Contest

Penguin Prison are on tour with Miiike Snow and if you haven’t caught them lately you should go check them out! With the voice that can make any teenage girl swoon it’s no doubt panties will be flying. Their latest single ”Multi-Millionaire”, which you can listen to below has a little Prince vibe to it that we can definitely groove to.

What better way to celebrate their current tour and single release than with an awesome contest?! We’re giving away a Penguin Prison prize package which includes a vinyl record, an autographed CD, a Penguin Prison flash drive, and an exclusive music download!!! To play all you have to do is send me an email at rchrd.oh@bigstereo.net and tell me why you want this prize package sooooo damn bad! Contest ends on April 14th!

Tour Dates:
Date City Venue
04/10/2012 Seattle WA Paramount Theatre
04/11/2012 Portland OR Roseland Theater
04/12/2012 Oakland CA Fox Theater
04/21/2012 Nuevo Leon CP Noise Music Festival
04/24/2012 New York NY Terminal 5
04/25/2012 New York NY Terminal 5
04/28/2012 Washington DC 9:30 Club
04/29/2012 Boston MA House of Blues Boston
05/01/2012 Toronto ON Sound Academy
05/02/2012 Montreal QC Metropolis Theatre
05/03/2012 Philadelphia PA Electric Factory

Van She

album video

Van She are back and they have a new album coming out titled ‘Idea of Happiness’, coming out July 10th in the states. It’s about damn time! Here’s their new video to a really promising album.


Cut Your Hair

music premiere

Cut Your Hair
Spain’s Cut Your Hair has arrived. Their new single “Utah in Pictures” is absolutely brilliant and adorable, indie pop at its finest. Just signed to Delorean’s ‘Mushroom Pillow’ label these cute and bouncy Catalan boys are bound to go places, and I’m following close behind. I’m thinking they named the band after the Pavement song and I can kind of hear some influence. Hurray to the 90′s pop grunge sound coming back!


One Day Without Shoes


One Day Without Shoes

You know we rarely stay off the music subject, actually maybe two times since we started but this is a cause that we think is great. You all love Toms shoes and what they do right? Well they are doing One Day Without Shoes again this year and we jumped in! Click on the link to learn some more.

As most of you don’t know both of us here at BigStereo actually help people by day in the Social Services field, and then give you all something to listen to at night. We both work with our communities to help those in need, and it is a passion we both hold dear to our hearts. Companies like Toms are doing things on a larger scale and we really hope everyone can give a little back to this planet that we love so much. Learn more about what they are doing with their new Eyewear campaign as well, it’s really awesome and the glasses are pretty damn cool.


Kasper Bjorke

album video

Absolutely love him and can’t wait for the new album ‘Fool’, out on Sunday!




New album on its way! Keep an eye out for more info.




Been in a dark mood lately, listening to Bauhaus and Nine Inch Nails. So when I got this in my inbox it immediately drew me close. It has a very 90′s and early 00′s vibe to it and I can’t complain. For any ex goths, Depeche Mode, and Interpol fans Jones will set the mood. You can download his whole EP for free here. Very dark and ambient, not for the faint at heart.




SSION – My Love Grows in the Dark (Official Video) from Dovecote Records on Vimeo.

We waited and waited and waited, and finally here it is! Ssion is getting ready to officially release ‘Bent’ this summer, and expect an amazing array of videos to follow. And you can dance…for inspiration, come on.


Boss In Drama


Boss In Drama has a new single and its my favorite track on his incredibly fun and funky album out now ‘Pure Gold’. The video brings back good memories of the 90′s and watching MTV when it was good. I can’t wait for summer!!! Download the club mix here.


Mint Julep


Absolutely in love with Mint Julep‘s new album ‘Save Your Season’. A little more electronic than their last pursuit but a lot more beautiful, taken out of the garage and into the woods. Go grab their album and thank me later.



Lo-Fi-Fnk – “Kissing Taste” from stereogum on Vimeo.

I miss them so much and I am so glad they are back on it! I was incredibly obsessed with “Boylife” and I went absolutely bonkers when I saw them live at SXSW. Their newest album ‘The Last Summer’ is incredible and it’s on repeat. I hope these guys never grow up.


No Ceremony


This video is seizure inducing sex. No Ceremony is filling my need for the dark shoe gaze and synth heavy music that winter didn’t deliver this year. I needed to fall in love again, and I am in love with “Heartbreaker”, buy the vinyl here.


Professor Possessor


LA is finally getting it back together. I think the gays is where it’s at in LA. They’re getting freaky like our San Francisco gays finally. This band is really catchy and dreamy. Their 80′s feel is a beautiful tribute and they’re ready to explode. My new favorite LA band, Professor Possessor make everything A-O-K. Join their underwear dance party here.



I see in rainbow.




Posttod are a blend of every european country that makes you swoon and that cute boy you cuddled that you couldn’t speak to because they don’t speak english. This makes me feel young.




So in love still.


Class Actress


I am so obsessed with their latest album ‘Rapprocher’ and can’t wait to see them this Friday at Casbah! Come out, come out!

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