Kasper Bjørke


One of the albums that should be on your radar this year ‘Fool’ by Kasper Bjørke is a must this summer. This track is one of my favorites and is sure to get some good remix work done.



mp3 music premiere

Romy is making the rounds, hailing from Melbourne this groovy lady has all the right beats and the voice to keep the vogue going. Keep an eye out she might be new to the game, but she isn’t going anywhere.

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Lights Down Low Sacramento

mix party

Lights Down Low Sacramento
Lights Down Low is coming back to Sacramento! Go check it out, and listen to D.A.M.B.’s mix for the preparty. Nothing is going to stop you from having a good time, but yourself.

A Night Out With D.A.M.B. (May ’12 Mix) by Dambtracks on Mixcloud



album music premiere

Is it the return of dance music on BigStereo? Disclosure might be the ones to change the game up again. These guys are from the UK and releasing their face melting and blazing ‘The Face’ EP on Greco-Roman on June 4th. These guys are up there with Azari & III and Tiger & Woods for me right now. A little Deee-Lite and R&B can be felt through out. Dance music with soul and heart wrenching vocals that will get the non-believers on the dance floor quicker than a free bottle of booze. Drug fueled summers and dancing by the pool this summer can be felt in the air.

Listen to the “What’s in Your Head” and download their FACT mix for a preview of what’s to come.

Baby Monster


Baby Monster

Baby Monster sent us their new EP and, while I may be a bit biased, it is lots of hearts. I like it lots and lots.

“City of Lovers” is a good first taste… a very good direction, indeed.

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Baby Monster – “City of Lovers”

The EP comes out June 5th, 2012 — so look for it then.



This guy has always made me dance. I like it.


Man Without Country

album music video

Man Without Country just recently cancelled their US tour due to visa restrictions unfortunately, but you can enjoy them from your own home with their album ‘Foe’. The album is chock-full of shoe gaze fuzz and drum heavy 90s grunge influence. If you are a fan of Silversun Pickups and M83 make sure to check in on this, don’t snooze.




Summer I can smell you! Brothertiger is your answer to a heatwave, bring out the lemonade and top it off with a little vodka, summer dance season starts now!


Bonde do Rolê


it’s been too long — so psyched for the return.


Beastie Boys


It still won’t sink in.


The Magnetic Fields

album video

Where is my trash can boyfriend? One of my favorite bands are at it again with the too cute for you attitude we’ve all come to adore. Be sure to check out their latest album “Love at the Bottom of the Sea”.


Ana Lola Roman


Ana Lola Roman
Ana Lola Roman is going to fuck up your life, good! Throw some Little Dragon, Yoko Ono, and Siouxsie Sioux in a cauldron and you got yourself a potion ready to destroy everything in sight. Her ‘Keep It Mellow’ EP came out last month and the three songs pack a punch. The song for download is the title track and it’s nothing short of 80′s industrial anti-godliness that could resurrect the famous Bat Cave in NY. My favorite track is “No Architect” and if it doesn’t get you drawing the curtains on the dance floor I don’t know what will. If you get that reference you are a creature of the dark side. I also included a fun video for all of your drug needs. You are welcome!

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Ana Lola Roman- “Keep It Mellow”


Philco Fiction


Oslo champions Philco Fiction are here and they’re sticking around. Reminds me of our carefree days in the early 2000′s, hip and packing a punch they are definitely a band to watch out for. Give me Philco Fiction or give me death.


World’s End Press


Worlds End Press
World’s End Press are back with a new single! Just released today and another small tease to the long awaited album of 2012. These guys sure know how to make a girl wait! Beautiful and gentle, this disco track will get the shyest and most prude guido in the ballroom on the dance floor. Take your time boys, we have all the time in the world to wait for perfection.


Some Velvet Morning

album video

Sometimes I’m itching for rock ‘n’ roll like heroin, “How to Start a Revolution” is that fix that I needed. Some Velvet Morning has a new album coming out today and if it is anything like this then expect the riot gear look on the dance floor.



album premiere video

‘Gloom’ is coming really really soon, preorders begin next week! Even darker than the last album, this will make all your nightmares come true. Pull out the ouija board, demons are on drums, goblins on synths, and Dez and Vee on vox. Gloom has all of your séance needs covered.


Fischerspooner & Soviet

Electroclash 2012

Gaga owes everything to this.

We were going to change the world. And we did.

Electroclash 2012.



album iamamiwhoami premiere video

It’s almost time for the full release, we couldn’t be any happier.




ninety four was a good year.


Little Boots


Little Boots

Few get me out of hiding…

(via The Guardian)

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