The Darkness


The Darkness
Totally have a soft spot for The Darkness, and well a huge soft spot for Radiohead, so here you go.




Beak> has a new album out, pretentiously named ‘>>’ but for good reason due to the fact that the first brilliant album was named ‘>’. The genius behind Portishead Geoff Barrow is part of the band and I couldn’t have been more excited about this release. The first album completely drew me in with its Krautrock influences, dark and simple bass lines, moody keyboards, and moan heavy vocals. This new album is not much of a departure from that but continues the story of a lonely soul on a dark night running through a concrete maze. I highly recommend this album to any fans of Can, Pere Ubu, and the A Clockwork Orange soundtrack.


Strange Powers

mp3 video

Strange Powers is probably some of the weirdest stuff I’ve received as of late, and it’s completely mesmerizing material. Lo-fi Trip-Hop Industrial is the only way I can describe it. I get in a weird dark mood sometimes and this Denver synth whiz is all that I’ve been using to get my fix. Having worked with other DIY out-of-this-world weirdos Modern Witch, Pictureplane and HOLLAGRAMZ we have nothing to expect but to be blown away. Enjoy his cover of brilliant dreamscapers Magnetic Fields “Strange Powers” below.

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Strange Powers-”Strange Powers(Magnetic Fields Cover)”



album premiere video

Puerto Rico’s Fantasmes are releasing their full length album “Redness Moon” and their equally named single has a new video out, that is full of psychedelic sci-fi deliciousness. Reminding me of a perfect blend of personal favorites Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth, this band is a future classic. Make way.


Professor Possessor

album premiere video

Professor Possesor have just released the video to their first single “Valley Girl” from their much anticipated album due out this fall “Strange Paradise”. I am incredibly obsessed with this track that has all the 80′s creepy yet romantic feelings that has been void and not filled since Q Lazzarus’ “Goodbye Horses”. The video is absolute perfection and I can’t get the track out of my head, I can feel my blood flowing from my fingertips to my heart. Thump thump.

You can buy the track at their bandcamp here.

Magic Hour

album premiere

Magic Hour
Colin from Walter Meego fame is moving on to a new solo project called MagicHour and it is nothing short of excellent. All the good parts of storytellers Walter Meego, synths, drums, and vocoder grooves. ‘Remember Harder’ will be released on August 14th, here is a taste of first single “My Kind”, it is downloadable at the source so don’t miss out! This is going to be a fun ride.


The XX

premiere video

Don’t need to say much, or anything at all.




Still loving these guys so much! They’re gonna be huge! This track is the next single from their awesome EP “The Face”, out now! Check it and keep your eyes and ears peeled!


album premiere video

Deathface aka Johnny Love is heading to hell with am 8 song EP being released on July 17th titled ‘From Beneath’ on Trouble & Bass. Not usual for us to post such dark entries, but this makes my teeth clench up. Enjoy the teaser trailer to the track below, this track is NSFL. Since adding Effy on vocals, the sound progressed to a more Digital Hardcore feel. Dirty, grimy, punk, and over the top this particular track “I Will Be the Killer” will wake anyone up from a coma. Suck it summer, you just got an elbow to the chin.


Active Child


Active Child – “Johnny Belinda” (Official Music Video) from Active Child on Vimeo.

‘You Are All I See” was one of my favorite albums last year, here is the latest video to “Johnny Belinda”. Active Child should be on everyones radar at this point. Beauty comes in so many forms and the combination of strings and Pat Grossi’s voice are ones that are tough to beat.


World’s End Press


New single from BigStereo future favorites, World’s End Press. They’re currently working with Tim Goldsworthy for their upcoming full length. Check out their ‘Second Day Uptown Remix EP’, out now.



album premiere

New Blur, so excited for them to be together in the studio again! One of my favorite bands of the 90′s and they still have it! Thump, thump, thump!


The Presets


Seems to be a step back from Apocalypso, but I still really like it, and can’t wait to hear the full length.


Cats On Fire


New album and new video from these Swedes that seem to be making all the girls and boys swoon.




Wow how much we’ve grown, Ssion!

Rocco Katastrophe

premiere video

Heartthrob Rocco Katastrophe is making my heart pitter patter again. DIY R&B and hip-hop at its finest. This two part video is an emotional roller coaster about love that we’ve all probably gone through. I’m reading in between the lines and the lyrics honestly bring flashbacks to a time when things needed to be simplified.

The videos bring you into his world and New York never has looked so real and emotional. Part two is below, and it has a very early 90′s vibe and beat that I can definitely blast on my boom box. Rocco now that that girl is out of the picture can I get a chance?

Check out his website for new album details and tour dates, his energy on stage is one not to be missed.


El Perro Del Mar


So excited for this new release. It’s about time!


Little Boots


Who doesn’t want to go to the other disco… Find your alter ego and dance.


Tesla Boy

mix music premiere

Tesla Boy
Tesla Boy might not sound like a name you can trust, but I gave it a shot anyway, with a hot mug like that how couldn’t I? At first listen his newest single “Fantasy” was an instant ear catcher. The synth hooked me in and his vocals are soothing and soft as silk. The 80′s haven’t sounded this good since “Take On Me”. I’m eagerly anticipating a full length from this creative mind. I also stumbled upon a great mix that is downloadable also that I’ve included, its a trip down funk avenue. Already my favorite and sexiest mix tape this year. Boogie on Wayne.

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