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In lieu of all of the Justice bullshit that’s been going around and the confirmed fake song that was released yesterday, we should concentrate on the Christina Aguilera debacle that’s spreading. I didn’t really think I wanted to post on this matter at all, but after smoking pot and watching all of this go down it started tripping me out, and I felt I should share. This viral marketing stuff that has been going around for years either proves to be incredible or a hoax, but nonetheless it entertains. So here we have the new album coming out in a few months and a new single probably in a matter of weeks. If you haven’t heard, her new album titled ‘Bionic’ is a complete change of any of her other work and is including producers Sia, Ladytron, Goldfrapp, M.I.A., and Santigold.

I always tried to imagine how amazing it would be if someone with such an amazing voice like Mariah Carey or Christina did a metal album or something so far from pop and just focused on their actual vocal talent. Now it seems I might get at least a little bit of an idea, but maybe not so far off.

So these videos have been popping up and people have been claiming that it’s promo for Goldfrapp but considering that her new album seems to be going in a completely colorful and less nature and more 80′s aesthetic I would say probably not. Then rumors of Gaga maybe, to which probably not because she just released more tracks for the Fame Monster. So we have Christina Aguilera left and anyone else thats a blond, I think I’ll go with the first choice for fun.

It is kind of hilarious to be following these rumors like a 16 year old is and to be checking the blogs for more info. Today a hardcore nerd posted this on ontd which really started to trip me out even more. It’s all this ‘Lost’ like bullshit that makes your brain freeze in confusion. Talks about the numbers used in the videos and how they spell out weird things connecting her with the teaser and also about an image from one of the videos being posted on BMG’s official German site. I would like to think this could be her as some of the music and visuals can easily be influenced by the people who are working on this album as well. A fag can only dream.

  • http://this.bigstereo.net Melissa

    That is def Xtina. I could recognize her knee any where!

  • NAME
  • http://bigstereo.net/ Rchrd Oh?!

    the tshirt at the peewee show takes the ticket.

  • nobody

    Goldfrapp is working with CA.

  • Trombone

    50% chance of precipitation with this one. Almost sounds too good.

  • Baron von Luxxury

    Cool campaign, reminds me of William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition." I almost hope they never explicitly reveal who it is and just continue to build the mystery. But that probably wouldn't Shift enough Units.

  • http://www.myspace.com/circlzero circlzero

    it does sound to good to be true, but if it is xtina all the better!

  • Justyna

    I did a screenshot of one of the videos where you can see most of her face…


    Compare it to Karin from The Knife…


    Maybe I'm thinking to deep into this…

    • NAME

      Marianne Schröder

      • Justyna

        Whoopsss… I typed in her name and that image came up.. it was the only one closest to similarity.

  • http://bigstereo.net/ Rchrd Oh?!

    this sounds nothing like the knife or fever ray, or golden filter to me. sounds more like goldfrapp to me and add n to x. i dont care who it is i like it.

  • no1uno

    I would recognize my mother anywhere. We are looking at Madonna's midlife crisis on video.

  • nak

    looks kind of like aubrey the one that got kicked out of danity kane. i should apologize to my mind for making it know who danity kane is. Damaged? a little.

  • parisGirl

    where can i see the video? it's been deleted… thanx!

    • http://bigstereo.net Travis


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  • lolapistola

    fever ray

  • sonofvader

    Umm i found a track similar to the 2nd Vid. its probably just coincidence.

    head to

    & then listen to Diplomatie

  • sonofvader

    Whooooops i meant this bands myspace


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