Marina + the Diamonds

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Marina and the Diamonds – “I Am Not A Robot”

Marina (and, uh, the Diamonds) sports body paint and bedazzles for her new video, “I Am Not A Robot.” You already know the single is out on Neon Gold.

Marina + the Diamonds
  • NAME

    My fave part is when she's messing up the paint on her body; it just shows how real the lyrics are and what the message behind it is.

  • http://danishpoet.bl

    This is a great song and the music vid lives up to it.

  • lynn&horst


  • HMmmm…

    First impression, fucking ridiculous.

    After the 55 second her mark her voice actually sounds cool…

    And she does look really pretty dancing around all naked from the shoulders up.

    Though that black space face intro still looks laughable.

    Kinda like some sort of bizarre Zoolander out take.

  • Nak

    i like her but this video really sucks..don't borrow ideas from big budget videos because they can do it better than you. glitter can't fix everything!

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