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Far Away is a new Friday night party in Vancouver. It’s an offshoot of Radio Zero so you know the focus is on good music. Good news if you’re in Vancouver, still good news even if you’re not in Vancouver. Why? Because if you keep an eye on Far Away’s blog, they will be releasing edits and remixes from Far Away regulars and friends.

To get a taste here is Radiozero founder and Far Away resident Tyler “Fetch” Fedchuk’s amazing, amazing remix of San Serac/The Tranzistors’ “Zanadu.” Will make you sweat even if you’re sitting still. So good:

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San Serac & The Tranzistors – “Zanadu” (Fetch remix)

Far Away
  • NAME

    yeaaaa boys! represent vancouver.

  • OCD Culture

    man this track is killer! LUV THAT SAX

  • Winnie Cooper

    Big Ups Vancity!

  • lechuga

    could you please tell me the name of the song that is in the video? i would be reaaaaaally greatful

    hello from chile

  • tyler

    jeremy jay – alpharhythm

  • lechuga

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you very much

  • vanvan

    Rad that Vans on the site… however not to stoked on what Van has to offer in terms of DJ's at the moment. Its as though everyone DJ's and they all seem to share the same lack of skill… Weak transitions, kinda sounds like itunes on party shuffle…Many Vancouver "DJs" literally go song to song from start to finish, no build ups… no planning what so ever. Learn your shit before you charge cover… There are however a select few that have there shit together aka Matt Owchar. 99% of anything else ive heard at the skeezy hipster bars make me wanna vomit. People go out to dance give them something to dance to. Stop playing the same garbage over and over. thanks. and no hard feelings.

    • vanvan

      for the record this isnt directed at anyone specifically

  • NAME

    Vanvan is right…Ochi is the best and the gay community loves him for being such a cutie! Love you Ochi!

  • hthomson

    thank you!

  • dj skeezy

    which skeezy hipster bars?

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