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The Whip

Last week, in New York during CMJ I caught up with The Whip to talk about their Official U.S. release of “X Marks Destination”, touring in America, sex, death and horror flix.

For those that are new to your music can you describe your music.

Danny – It’s electronic music, isn’t it?

Nathan – Electronic dance music played by a band.

Bruce – Electronic sweat music is what we use.

Fee – Mantronica

Bruce – It’s just a nice night-time adventure that you can enjoy anytime.

Nathan – If you were to describe the word Whip in food terms it has all the ingredients of a nice Sunday roast but you get to enjoy it on a Saturday night.

You played the U.S. last summer?

Bruce – It was a just a little tour of the east coast. We played Washington (D.C.) and New York. We played the McCarren Pool party and they found a dead body 2 days after we played behind the stage somewhere.

Fee- It was just this decomposed body that had been there for like ages. I think, because they were putting the gear away or just dismantling the stage or whatever.

Danny – Some staff had been complaining about a funny smell, I think, throughout the festival, in that area. So when they went to investigate they discovered it.

Bruce – The other gig we did in New York we wound up with strippers in our dressing room.

Nathan – Porn Stars!

Bruce – Porn Stars. And we didn’t even know. They were just making out, naked…

Nathan – I knew when one of them got her breasts out.

Bruce – It was disgusting!

Fee – They were really, really, like, dirty women. It was a hilarious situation.

Nathan – Imagine your like “Hi I’m blah blah” I can’t remember her name and she’s like got her breast out. So we had sex and death in one weekend.

Other than the sex and death how’s the touring been in the U.S.?

Fee – The reaction has been really really good.

Nathan – I think the last time we were here we weren’t really sure what people were going to think about us. [With] all that stuff in Vancouver and Philly, we were expecting to play in front of like 30 people and there were like 100, 200, which we were very happy with.

Fee – We were just shocked, like, that they knew some of the tunes. Like, last night (CMJ Wednesday) a lot of people were asking for “Trash”. I mean, brilliant! Which is completely unexpected because we haven’t done much out here at all so it was really nice because people must have been looking at our Myspace and things like that. Sort of, doing a bit of research, which is really cool.

Bruce – We’re slowly building a religion that electrifies your mind!

Do you think that one of the reasons people have been coming out to the shows has been the good reception to the album?

Nathan – Well the album isn’t even out here yet, it came out digitally [Tuesday] (Oct 22nd) .

But, I feel, with the internet, you get the album right away.

Fee – Yeah, it’s not as powerful as it was. It’s impossible, really, to hold anything back once the song’s done. It’s just there, you know? It’s really good because people seem to know like the tunes that are their favorites and stuff already. So, the fact that that’s already in place when the album comes out in January, that should just take things further and people can have the actual copy of the CD which should be good. Everything is so weird now. Because you can do that little thing where you can listen to a tune for like 30 seconds or whatever, so, I think, people are buying single individual tunes now. I think it’s a shame really because when a band does an album and you spend so long thinking about like, the order of the songs and all of this, and people just buy that tune and that tune. There’s some songs that take a few listens before you see what they’re about and stuff. But I think, there are still people that buy albums, I mean, I certainly do. But, in all fairness, not as much as I used to. Not with iTune and stuff.

Nathan – But a lot more people come out and watch gigs now, as well. The live scene has taken off, which is good for bands like us because we can go travel the world. And the fact that we started off playing live originally like 3 years ago, so, we kind of got our chops together now, and we know we can do a good show which is good for us and good for everybody else.

Bruce, I read somewhere you studied film in school, have you or the rest ever thought of maybe directing your own videos?

Bruce – I just haven’t got enough time because I just concentrate on music at the moment. It’d be cool at some stage.

Danny – It’d be cool to do a film score. To do music for a film. That’d be kind of cool.

What kind of movie would it be?

Danny – I would’ve liked to do “Lost in Translation” that would’ve been a good one. Doing quite well.

Fee – It’d have be, for me, some weird, David Lynch type film because then you could get into some type of dirty, filthy type tunes. Deep, dark tunes.

Nathan – Mine would just be anything more like Jim Carrey.

Fee – You want to write the music for Jim Carrey?! Brilliant! “Liar, Liar”? “Ace Ventura 2″?

Nathan – Actually, yes, that is my serious answer. Anything with Jim Carrey in it. It’d be like comedy noises like “Doing….”

(The Smith’s pop on overhead, “What Difference Does it Make?”)

What about them? What do you think of The Smiths?

Bruce – I never really got any Smiths records, at all.

Nathan – I think Andy Rourke is a really good bass player.

Bruce – They’re from our town. We like some music that’s come out of Manchester but not more than anything that’s come out of like New York. We like stuff from really everywhere. We’re not really Smiths fans.

Nathan – I like Andy Rourke’s bass playing. I think he’s a really, really good bass player.

Bruce – I like “…take me out tonight…”

Danny – There’s a remix out!

“There is a Light that Never Goes Out” ?

Danny – Yeah. It’s by Schneider TM

Halloween’s coming up. Do you have any favorite horror films?

Nathan – Oooohhhhh I love horror films!

Fee – “The Shining” Always “The Shining”.

Nathan – You know what I watched the other day and couldn’t stop thinking about it? “The Fly”! I was laughing me head off! Bluurrrgghh…Geena Davis and Goldblum. Blurghhhhhh…and his ear comes off and he’s like “oooh oohh my ear, my ear!” I love it! Then she accidentally pushes his jaw off.

Fee – I’ve never met anyone with such memory of films. We’ll be sitting in a car and they’ll literally be quoting line after line after line off films. I don’t understand where this memory? I watch a film and forget about it. They remember every detail! It’s unbelievable.

Danny – I watched “Carrie” again the other day. “Carrie” is brilliant I like it. Bruce, [what's] the movie you bought and you had to take it back.

Bruce – That’s “Irreversible”

Fee – It’s amazing but yeah. I had a good week where it like really disturbed me. I’ve never seen anything worse than that one.

Danny – I remember Bruce buying it and he was like “I’ve got to take it back, I watched it I just don’t want to keep it”.

Fee – You don’t want it in your house do you? You’ll never watch it again. But in terms of the way it’s done and the soundtrack…you know, one of the Daft Punk guys did the soundtrack. [Thomas Bangalter] Even if you haven’t seen the film you think this music is really dark. Obviously, it has to be to be in that film.

Do you have any remixes or collaborations coming out soon?

Bruce – We just did a remix with a Japanese guy called Schinichi Osawa. ["Blackout" remix] We have a collaboration coming up with The Bloody Beatroots but other than that we’re just working on our second album at the moment so we’re kind of not doing remixes for a while. ‘Cause we’ve written half of that one and recorded demos at the moment. We just want to keep going and hope we get that out next year.

What should we expect from the new album?

Nathan – It’s got a bit more dancey elements to it. It’s still got vocals but it’s a bit more hard, I would say.

Fee – Songs like say “Trash”, “Fire” it’s kind of more that direction.

When is the 1st album officially coming out in the U.S.?

Nathan – Official album release in America is end of January. The cutting of the “OFFICIAL” ribbon is end of January.

Why so long?

Nathan – Literally just a few weeks ago we’ve signed our American deal. We’re very happy to be able to play our songs for America. Especially New York!

Any last words?

Nathan – Last comments for anyone who reads this, just re-watch “Robocop”! Whilst listening to The Whip.

Bruce – You know how there was supposed to be “Dark Side of the Moon” with “The Wizard of Oz”? The Whip and “Robocop”!

Nathan – X Marks the Destination, X Marks Robocop! The Destination is “Robocop”!

I want to thank The Whip for taking the time to do the interview with me and check out their album in full, digitally on iTunes, and snag the hard copy early next year.

The Whip

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