Little Boots

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Shoot me in the face if Little Boots isn’t the all time best pop star to ever hit the Interwebs. If there is any justice in this world she’ll be riding at the top of the charts someday soon. Fanboy yes, but she’s got it all:

Little Boots – “Heart of Gold” (Cover)

Little Boots
  • 1234

    I think she recently played this at a radio station interview where she played a few songs.

    She also has a great cover of ready for the floor on her youtube.

  • i wanted to do stenc

    what on earth is that thing she holds in her hand? it looks amazing.

    someone fill me in?

  • http://www.analogstrike.com brian savage
  • J. Scott

    its called a tenori-on. its a really cool sequencer instrument with a new twist on an user interface. they are made by yamaha. google it. take care.

  • meta neon

    happens to b one of my fav hardcore songs:)

    …was it a cover too?

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