Thieves Like Us

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Thieves Like Us – “Program of the First Part”

When I was a kid I thought TRON was the future — in some ways it is. But not in the literal sense I was hoping for. Anyway, Thieves Like Us released a teaser video for their upcoming album Play Music… which is how I want the future to look and sound like now.

Thieves Like Us
  • http://azltron.blogspot.com Azltron

    Oh man, Thieves Like Us + Tron = amazing. Thieves Like Us Album = Best of 2008. Well, maybe not, but it will receive love from me.

  • alfonso

    didn't the strokes already do a tron video?

  • teetlemcbride

    Thieves had this video idea long before the strokes ever did! The strokes are just hipster poseurs but Thieves are real hipsters, through and through. To prove my point, notice how the strokes used fake Tron footage while Thieves used AUTHENTIC Tron footage. What's more likely to make you a true hipster, making an imitation or using the real thing? I worship you Thieves Like Us! You use the real thing!

  • Dom

    It's weird how, in the 80s, Tron looked like the future. And now, in the future, Tron looks so incredibly 80s.

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