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I managed to track down AL-P from MSTRKRFT for an ‘interview’ on their stop thru San Diego. After a riot-inducing set and I don’t know how many bottles of their beloved Canadian Crown Royal whiskey, he graciously agreed to answer all my questions through his inebriated haze even though I failed to round up some petite brunettes for the afterparty….He proceeded to tell me how he’s just ‘the other half of mstrkrft’, what makes someone a real dj, and how the internet is a giant bullshit filter. heh.

So I’m kindof disappointed that there were no golden dancers this time…like in SF (a few weeks prior at Fat City). Ha, i thought they really added to the show, handing out your trademark golden masks to the crowd. And it looked like you guys seemed enjoying it.

Oh you were there, too? Ya that was one of the best times we’ve had in San Francisco!

Good, then you have to come back soon. Well on with the questions…

1. For me, highlight of your set at Zenith (Paris) was the bloody beetroots rmx. I swear the house volume got turned up just for that song. how did you guys fall in love with bloody beetroots?

Jesse’s the guy that looks for new music just b/c i cant do it anymore…its all shit. You have to wade thru 1000 shitty tracks to find a good one. I’d prob quit if i had to do that job. jesse found the track…he’s always on aim talking to them. He’s got alot of charisma (Bob from the Bloody Beetroots). So Jessie found the track and we’ve been playing their stuff ever since.

3. What’s your prediction for who else is gonna blow up in 2008 (i.e justice/digitalism in 2007)?

There’s this crew from toronto called vndlsm djing out about all over the world. whenever i would go to their parties i was impressed…they are good djs. good selection. most important is selection. if you cant pick a good track, you have no business being a dj. a bad mix can fuck up shit, but an ok mix you can get thru as long as selection is good. slick djing is a trick. its like when i guy comes up to you in a blazer and a nice shirt and shaved chest and is like ‘hey’ and you fall for it. you can use all the fancy technology in the world to make it sound like you can mix, but if you cant select, keep working at mcdonalds. longevity comes from people who care about music.

4. What does 2008 have on the menu for you? Another album? It’s been a while since the last one…

Well our last remix was for chromeo, but youre right. To be honest i feel a bit of embarassed about our output. We set out for quality output but we hit a little bump in the road with our administration. We did some mass firing and we’re entering into some legal shit. That stuff takes time and wares you down. Sucks out your energy for making music, but we’re back on track. We’re seventy five percent wading thru this bullshit. Once we finish, we’ll have an amazing team that we trust to let them do their admin job. We’re working on shit…We’re working on new shit, we played one of our new tracks tonight.

which one is it?

It’s the one that everyone went crazy for. Its already on the internet. Let the kids figure it out…It slows down during the break.

(my guess is NYPC…I think that’s their most recent one.)

5. strangest place you’ve ever heard your own music?

In the gym right under our studio. They played a remix during their stepclass. I went there down once to borrow paper and pen. The owner and called out, ‘ew youre so digusting. what are you doing here with your out of shape body. what business do you have here?’ Little did she know that she was playing one of our songs in her gym…

6. Have you seriously considered mainstream production? There’s alot of money to be made…
Of course. Its been alot of phone tag. I don’t care about the money. I just wanna fuck shit up that will surprise people and excite them…something different. Its hard b/c the record industry is shit. The best you can do is try to be fresh, that’s the longterm plan. We dont wanna rush into it. When the time is right, well do it.

7. With the rise of the bedroom producers and the mass production of electronic music, where do you think this type of music is shifting?

We’re trying to make some more poppy stuff, but still keep it menacing and dangerous sounding…because that’s what kids want. The whole point of getting into music is to rebel against….

we get interrupted as Lazaro Cassanova somehow has managed to find himself without a shirt and is getting doused in water..

…[singing] they call you cassanova…anyway, music is what you build your identity from. What lasts is what’s good…not what’s a scene or a fad. People making tracks are getting younger and younger due to ability and capacity to make a hot track in their bedroom. You dont need team of people to make a hit anymore…just talent and the internet. If you put a lame track on the internet, no one is going to care. If you put a hot track on the internet, its gonna blow up. The internet is like a big bullshit filter b/c people will only respond to what’s good.

8. Well then how do you feel about, ahem, blogs?…you guys seem to be a bit beyond the point of needing publicity from blogs.

It depends. There’s one [blog] that posted every single production we’d ever done and we had to shut them down. that’s unacceptible. I understand if there’s something new and you wanna showcase it for a week, that’s fine. There’s no stopping it, but i wish people would show some respect, discretion and taste. If you make a musicians evnrionment a waste of time, youre gonna make the artist say ‘fuck it’. Just respect producers and artists.

9. top five songs (obviously not your secret stash)?
- new angello remixed by felix da housecat (this is my guess…..except its a felix track remixed by angello)
- bloody beetroots in general
- surkin is working on an album. he’s amazing. Surkin is a name you can trust. institubes is quite serious about quality control…that’s the next shit.

I dont know you give me some.

Uhhh…hmm. I’m really loving all of Surkin’s new stuff. I don’t know.

You’re supposed to be in the know, miss blogger.

uh, Alter Ego. I really love that Brodinski remix of DIM – is you. a, you’re putting me on the spot.

Yeah, see it’s not that easy.

Ok fine alex….i’ll let you get back to your crown royale, haha.

  • http://discodust.blogspot.com aleks discodust

    great interview!

    (and really likeable answers!)

  • Sleazemore

    I want al-ps t-shirt in that picture


    good interview, crown is the shit.

  • gabriel

    the track hes talking about is VUVUVU

  • Kevin

    thanks for the interview. al-p is spot on w/ what makes a dj these days… anymore can load up automixing programs, so it really comes down to selection and order. enough with ableton wizards. show me you understand what makes a GOOD SET

    nice job bigstereo

  • ouch

    some horrible mixing in that clip, and that's WITH serato

  • http://www.meanbeard.com Mathy

    Seriously, where can I get AL-P's t-shirt?

  • menowah

    interesting article.

  • http://formsandsound.blogspot.com staff

    MSTRKRFT's new track "VUVUVU" is available (in VERY low quality) here:

    VUVUVU is the song from the beginning of the sample until approx. 2:00.

  • Mommy

    Fun interview…but, I heard the after-party was a sausage fest!!!!

  • walrus

    yeah where can i get that shirt

  • http://www.myspace.com/yourmajestymusic Noah Klein

    Will someone please tell us where you can get that t-shirt! I go to Parsons, I'm fucking making it…

  • gOrdi

    I ask Al-P about this insane t-shirt :

    "my friend made that shirt for the dafter party when they played toronto"


  • http://ngsam.com/joe/ splashbeast

    man, i have a wu-tang shirt that's just like that, same font and everything

  • http://www.thegeminidisco.com Le Dinosaur

    bahhhhhhh gold dancer hussy hooo ha

  • http://myspace.com/smashandcrunch captain joshua

    smash&crunch is based on a conversation i had with him at studio a during wmc

  • http://www.tuftsmania.com tuftsmania

    great interview misstoats

  • http://imontheinternet.net JOEEIRWIN


  • http://vaneska.com Vaneska

    The Dafter Tees were made by Ca$hmere.

  • Cam

    CA$HMERE as in
    http://www.djcashmere.com http://www.myspace.com/electrobooty?

    i don't see any tees for sale?

    anyone know?


    whats the second song?

  • what's with..

    ..lazaro casanova? is he the MSTRKRFT mini me? what with seemingly following them everywhere they go, the matching JFK facial hair and aquirred obsession with crown whisky. he'll be applying for canadian residency next.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sharkattacksd shark attack

    hey we played too that night and killed it more then anyone else that played…yeah we'll murder any other act that comes on stage…have a dance off with us and be ready to get kicked in the shins

  • Jamie

    their nye performance at parklife is on mixesdb.com, vuvuvu starts at 47:54 200kbps

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