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The Lies In Disguise remix of Partyshank was heavily blogged a couple weeks ago — posted here and everywhere else. It was the banger of the day, hyperboles and all.

Well, well — Partyshank sent over another remix of “Penis vs. Vagina.” This time it is Shanks own reworking that is basically the sum of every hot club track out there right now. A little less… destructive than the Lies In Disguise mix, but the heat is still turned up. Banger of the day, hyperboles and all:

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Partyshank – “Penis vs. Vagina” (Shanks Killer mix) (mp3)

Annnnd name me a budding producer who doesn’t have a Yo Majesty remix in their collection. Yo Majesty has become a staple. I’m sure I’ve said this before — but it doesn’t matter how many times I hear “Club Action” worked over… I still love it. And I love this mix. It’s as fresh as the first time I heard the original eighteen months ago.

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Partyshank vs. Yo Majesty – “Club Action” (Shanks Bootleg mix) (mp3)

  • http://myspace.com/ilovetausif TAUSIF

    IMO that is the best Club Action remix

  • poofacemagee

    why does everyone wear such retarded clothing nowadays… pardon the music… but look at those twits in the photo above… christ….

    house and electro are dead.

    because of fucks who download ableton and wear bright colored shirts / overpriced caps / old school shoes / and leather jackets….whayyt has become of us now? is that really the trend we need to set right now? its like disco flashback colors with new age indie twist.. resulting in shite.

    the track is ok.

  • poofacemagee

    oh and support ythe johnny love show in chicago december 26th bitches.

  • rodgerT

    they are fresher than flavor flav… I love their funky freshness, nu-ravness…,.

  • http://this.bigstereo.net lazer

    is it me or is everybody and their grammy rocking that distorted bass nowadays?

  • Hezekiah

    no.. everyone IS rocking it..

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  • Steven

    Does anyone know where I can buy or download the Partyshank remix of 'Frankmusik – 3 Little Words' (listen at http://www.myspace.com/partyshankremixes) ?

    @poofacemagee: Who cares about their clothes… If they think that's cool (and who's to decide), whatever. I don't mind cause their music is really good.

  • poofacemagee

    i can understand that totally .. i just dj alot and i am curious as to where the whole gangsta hat and random colorful t-shirt thing came from… its distasteful

  • Anonymous

    nice tunes!

    i like the clothes

  • Keeno

    Worst band in the world! It looks like any kid with 10 drum loops can make a song with lots of beeps and blips … oh look you have a Childs toy – wow you are so amazing and different!

    I saw this band last night supporting Chromeo and they made me dispair!

  • Loïck

    This band rocks. Who are YOU to say that they are the worst band in the world? Are you a star – producer ? Don't think so. And about the clothing, who gives a fuck of how they look like? Mind your own appearance and just rate their music, that's all they care about anyways. <3

  • like_partyshank_pwn

    Partyshank are awesome!!? how can the shank remix of penis vs vagina not make everyone want to go mental? anthems i love them!

    and the clothes…it's alternative kids taking the thing of chavs/ghetto hood rats, and making it they're own. just like how every cunt has a pair of converse these days.

  • http://www.partyshankareshit.com Keeno

    This is a message for Loick, Party Shank are easily the worst group in the world. Stupid little oiks with no talent – seems like any pair of morons can download Ableton and sample some £10 Argos toy to play to mashed up nobjockeys.

    Its my opinion – but its also the opinion of people with a sense of taste in music and not wanting something that goes at 200bpm and sounds like Hell shitting on itself.

  • http://bigstereo.net/ Travis

    keeno speaks for all with taste in music. he's their spokesperson.

  • aw

    if u dont like their music/style then fuck off, this music is not for the light hearted pussy bitches you (travis, keeno)….this is music that rocks clubs and concerts everywhere…if u play their mixtape (no sleep) at a club wit people other than fags like you guys, everyone will go apeshit, there is a reason that they back up people like chromeo….its because the biggest names in nu-electro like them and im pretty sure the likes of justice, boys noize, chromeo and ed banger (the records company that party shank r signing up with) have better taste in music than you, and if you dont know wat ed banger is, the owner of it, busy p is also the manger of daft punk ….and just so you know people wear clothes like because 1. they dont give a fuck about wat people like you think about them, if their music sounds good, who gives a shit about wat they wear and 2. people like partyshank are starting trends, creating new styles of music, new attitudes etc…unlike you guys you fuking sheep…wat now

  • http://www.electrorash.com bec

    Ugh. There's no such thing as 'bad,' 'good' or 'better' taste in music. If you think someone has 'bad' taste in music, it's only because it's different to yours. Think about it.

  • alex randall

    sooo good!

  • Josh

    What Bec said really.

    It's not like Partyshank are harming anyone with their so called "200bpm hell shitting on itself". Personally, any band described like that are different at least.

    If you think it's so easy to do what they do, i'd like to see you do it yourself and pull it off. Good luck with that :)

  • wolverhampton-repres


    dont rant its boring

    part sausage mmmmm X

  • wolverhampton-repres

    i mean party

  • Ollie

    to keeno:

    anyone can do it, but not anyone can make it sound good.

  • raquel


    travis was being sarcastic. SARCASTIC.

    lets never hate on the man that is bigstereo. RESPECT.

  • Anonymous

    Keeno-i dont think either of these 2 tracks posted are at 200bpm?

  • nyi21

    i think poofacemagee is an arsehole that cares about what other people dress like. who gives a fuck about what people wearand how much it costs, at least they have the money to pay for it, retard, and those 2 people in that photo are fit as!!!

  • http://none oz

    you fucks you call this music, can you even play an intrument, or is that to much effort for you lazy button bashing fucks, you think your doing something new and original pushing boundaries? then why the fuck do all of you nu rave pricks all use the same fuckin synths ,same bass sounds, same dress sense.. do you wake up in the morning not knowing which pathetic clique to fit into so you dress like a bit of everyone and everything? part rapper, part pimp,part raver,REAL music dont need an image or any gimmicks to sell itself! bands like westlife do!, your confused and thats also how your music sounds, try using some notes! its wat makes music, do you think using samples and presets on your shit programs is pushing boundaries or being original? I love electronic music, thats thought out with something real to say, real talent that you could never understand people like massive attack,prodigy, depeche mode,photek(REAL drum and bass), aphex twin..many more that you wouldnt know about, masters who respect their art who take time to toil over every inch of a track…then theres pricks like you …my little cousin whos 9 makes better tracks on logic than theses clowns , youd better watch yourselves..cause we'll be watching you especially you christian you mongolian looking mother fucker.

  • Nikolai

    Ahem. Allow me to quote a moment.


    i think poofacemagee is an arsehole that cares about what other people dress like. who gives a fuck about what people wearand how much it costs, at least they have the money to pay for it, retard, and those 2 people in that photo are fit as!!!


    So your point is its ok to look like a cross between a lost acid junkie from the 60's and a wanabee ghetto-blackman-who-wants-to-be-white-who-wants-to-be-black….simply because they can AFFORD IT? Really? Actually no, now that I think about it your comment makes complete sense. Excuse me while I go and lay a turn and send it to you by mail. What? Its ok! I can afford to!!!

    This is the sex-in-the-city mindset we have to put up with these days. 'nyi21' you make me want to puke all over your gucci shoes as I drill a hammer into your eardrum (its ok it'll feel exactly the same as listening to one of partyshank's 'songs'.

    The other day I was making music and I slipped on my keyboard and I think I made the sequel album for partyshank. Then I sneezed onto my drum machine and I wrote their next 17 beats. My little niece is coming round later, she's going to spend half an hour trying to push a tiny plastic triangle into a tiny plastic square slot. I think I'll sample it and send it to partyshank so they can use it as their next 'club rocking' single. Maybe they could call it 'Slick slime urban grime big up mash up now'.

    Oh and its no use trying to tell me that their good because they can get a club full of people going crazy. That achievement kinda reminds me of a farmer succeeding in getting his sheep to move from one field to the other. Baa you mother fuckers Baa.

    Now, its a fair point to say this all comes down to a difference of opinion. You like like them, I dont. You lot enjoy thier music in clubs, I dont. You lot think their revolutionary, I disagree. I have my taste and you have yours. Fair enough.

    NO! Fuck 'fair enough'! Fuck your taste! Your taste is shit! I could lay a shit in the loo and turn around and ask it what it thinks of partyshank and it would spit in my face and beg for me to flush it away so it wouldn't have to listen to my crap anymore.

    If I ever have to listen to another shank song again I'll kill myself, I swear. I can press the number '67' preset on my CASIO keyboard too partyshank! It's easy! Hold on lemme just press my face against the keyboard and hit record…..sorted! Oh, hold on, I need a bassline now. Hmm. Ohh what about that same bass sound everyone uses. How about I use that! It'll be so unoriginal it'll be original! Yeah! The people who buy my music are stupid enough to buy that! I'll just mention it in an interview in a shit mag where they got pics of me in my ultra-violet t-shirt so show everyone how 'out there' I am.

    Oh god Im ranting, I must end this now or I wont eat today. So to conclude. Partyshank…die.

    And christian, Oz is right, you proper look like a dirty mongolian.

  • Caitlin N

    Your brain is just like my urine

    Partyshank's music is kind of okay

    U r just jealous because they are

    good looking and get girls

    and u r some loser who spends too

    much time posting on a blog


  • this guy

    Partyshank is my favourite band atm, and i like absolutly every genre of music (exept cheese pop). I go from jazz to death metal.

    People who like Partyshank, well done (unless you're nu-rave)

    people who do not like Partyshank, like it. It's the fucking future.

    bdw, Partyshank arent nu-rave

  • Ollie Clark

    I quite like penis vs vagina, but i think my favourite tracks our gary and burp! i dont think so.

    there fucking awsome!!!!

  • like_partyshank_pwn

    Oh yeah i ate a big red candle

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