Crystal Castles

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Crystal Castles

So Bigstereo is teaming up with Mezzanine in San Francisco to bring you a f’ing massive show this saturday, October 6th. Crystal Castles are headlining with a supporting cast of Toxic Avenger and Lemonade with Rchrd Oh?! and I warming you up with some Bigstereo musical magic.

If you’re in the Bay area and want to win some tickets, youre in luck….our lovely friends from the Mezzanine have hooked us up with a few.

All ya gotta do is answer: What is ‘Crystal Castles’ named after? (pssst…its on their myspace page somewhere)

ps. i just saw Crystal Castles and Toxic Avenger perform in Los Angeles this past weekend and they were both amazing. We’re in for a painfully good time.

email me (alicia@bigstereo.net) your answer and your first/last name for the list

OR if you dont want to risk losing, you can buy tickets directly from Mezzanine.

Tourdates and a few goodies I got from the Neighborhood festival in Los Angeles

Oct 1 2007 Martini Ranch PHOENIX
Oct 2 2007 Glass House POMONA, CA
Oct 3 2007 House of Blues SAN DIEGO
Oct 6 2007 Mezzanine SAN FRANCISCO
Oct 8 2007 Wonder PORTLAND
Oct 9 2007 Showbox SEATTLE

Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles
  • http://myspace.com/flash__gordon mahmoud

    This is so good and yet so painful for me to read that I just want to cry

    I love CC and their only show in stockholm this year was a one night affaire at a some über-elitistic vice party. I never went on principle, i never go to parties my friends arent welcome to attend as well.

    oh well, have a great time, you lucky yanks, i know you will

  • daniel

    whoa this is easy.

    Crystal Castles – 1983 Atari Videogame, and was/is available on many different platforms.

    sha bam

  • mad

    sorry dude. that's wrong.


    okay so watch that video there, and then watch this.

    the background beat is the same.

  • chris

    they are named after she-ra's home.

  • daniel

    that's retarded.

  • daniel

    that's retarded.

    my answer is a way better reason to name your band.

    oh well im seeing them tomorrow anyway. no skin offf my back.

  • footwerk (nutty!!!)

    i got doubles of the atari jam

  • http://bigstereo.net/ Travis

    timbaland totally stole that track. or is it a cleared sample?


    there's no way that could be a sample. its dead on.


    and cc makes all their own stuff.

  • http://bigstereo.net/ Travis

    no, no – obviously it's CC and they make their own stuff – I was just wondering/asking if Timbaland cleared the sample with CC.. Paid for its use. Or if he "stole" it.

  • http://catdirtsez.blogspot.com cat dirt

    what about richard oh?! djing at a fashion show(?) at the moca down here in san diego? where is the promotion for that event… i didn't even know he was coming till i saw the flyer at influx. what's the story with you guys and cmj while i'm here???

  • http://bigstereo.net/ Travis

    cmj announcements coming very, very soon — block off the 17th and 19th!! and head to our myspace for a sneak preview.


    I'm sorry, but there is no way Timbo stole that. 50's track was likely recorded at least 6-8 months ago. The album came out Sept 11 and all major labels have a promotional lead time of at least 3-4 months. Then you need to take in to account mastering, mixing etc etc. CCs were recording their album, what, like 2-3 months ago? Do the math.

    What I think is much much more likely is that after the whole Timbo-ripped-off-that-chiptune-dude from last year he and his assistants did some serious digging and started incorporating it into their stuff.


    And btw – it's not "dead on" – there is considerable variation.


    I did the math and sorry to rain on your "Timbo" parade but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tUs0ZI1mU4 cause last time I checked march was more than just 2-3 months ago.


    what song did timberland use it in?


    ayo techonlogy. thanks for the back up there.

  • http://www.myspace.com/djginaturner Gina Turner

    I know for a fact that timbaland ripped crystal castles off…

  • http://www.myspace.com/djginaturner Gina Turner

    they settled out of court… you know that timbaland is listening to that shit….

  • ALEX


  • don Simon

    The toof did a post on that theme but were asked to remove it by CC's manager who was taking it to court… Anyone got any info on that out-of-court-settlement?

    Timbo is an arrogant bitch who can't admit that he steals. He's still good at what he does and gives them tunes new clothes, but he could well afford to be honest and give some cred and money where it belongs…

  • hey yo

    Crystal Castles' track was recorded in 2006, Timbaland's track for 50 Cent was released Sept 2007.

  • LCD

    il kill timberland i hate that dick. definatly just stole it

    think about it like a bigshot prick like timberland is going to go to the trouble of getting clearance from a basically unknown band(at the time) for a synth line they use live.

    and he allready stole janne suni for nelly furtados shit crap song


  • tough shit


    crystal castles shouldn't have stole trevor brown's work


  • n0zz

    Crystal Castles aren't any better than timbaland. They ripped off chiptune artist for 4 of their tunes.

    Read here.


  • dr ops

    crystal castles have already lost all cred by lying that they knew nothing of the scene and chiptune artists that it's now been proven that they sampled heavily

    then they disrespect their fans by lying to the press about it.


    or just google 'crystal castles steal'

  • http://alblog1.wordpress.com .albert

    My version of events:

    1. Timbaland and other artists sample big acts from bygone eras and put it into top-40 songs — the kids love it;

    2. Crystal Castles (and others I'm sure) sample unknown acts and don't credit it — the kids find out and they hate it;

    There's just something a little more stealthy about the latter. But the music speaks for itself.


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