New Rave

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Excuse my diatribe but…

Yeah. It was pretty much decided, the moment that NME first uttered the phrase, that New Rave pretty much sucked. Not the music mind you. Klaxons are a breath of fresh air, and The Sunshine Underground have been making great Electro-Rock for a few years now. It’s the name. New Rave stinks. It feels gross… like barf. Or… like the first time you heard the word Electroclash flutter out of someone’s mouth.

We’ve all pretty much broken down what New Rave is — it’s 2006′s version of Electro-Rock. Someone decided around early 2005 that Electro-Rock was played out. Not cool anymore. Much in the same way that in late 2001 someone decided Electroclash was played out. The problem was that bands didn’t listen. They kept making music. Not just music, but damn good music. Good music, but last year’s music. What to do?! NME stepped up to the plate and said, “Hey guys, even though it sounds just like Electro-Rock it is not Electro-Rock. It’s New Rave or Nu Rave or Neu Rave. Duh!”

Guys, we are in a total rut. There is a disgusting pattern going on:

Step 1: Create genre. Combine two unlikely pre-existing genres (ie Disco Punk) or make something old New (ie Nu Wave).

Step 2: Hype, hype, hype. Find a bunch of bands that didn’t quite make the cut under Step 1 during the last cycle, and throw the new label on them.

Step 3: Have all the bands in this “new” genre remix each other. This step is very important. Cross promotion leads to Step 4…

Step 4: Declare that the genre is dead. Over. Fin. Tired. Last Year.

Electroclash, Nu Wave, Electro House, Disco Punk, Electro Rock, New Rave, Whatever. Sure there are some subtle differences. Maybe. But can we please just admit it is all the same?

I propose a challenge: Don’t decide it is over until the kids stop making the music. It’s not up to some tight wad at some glossy magazine or major label to decide it’s over because he has to push his product. It is up to the musicians to decide when it is over. It is over when Peaches sits down and creates a country album. When bands like Klaxons stop appearing out of thin air… then it’s over. It is over when we decide to stop buying all these damn records.

This is getting gross. We are at as much fault as NME. Are we such a consumer society that we cannot like a genre for more than a year? We have to throw it out and buy whatever “new” music is being crammed down our throats? Are we total suckers? Arg… pipe dream, but are there too many bands? Too many genres? Too much music?

New Rave
  • Chris

    I totally agree with you. The genres stated above are more alive the ever and wouldn't dream of calling them dead. It might not be "the next big thing" but damn it's great music!

  • http://www.myspace.com/castlevaniadisco Dj Dj Dylan / Le Cas

    AGREED!!! i guess i claim disco punk but that's just cause i like the sound of it better than the rest how ever IT IS ALL THE SAME SHIT! and it aint over till big stereo stops serving up the premo cuts!!! tell em how it is guys!

  • http://therichgirlsareweeping.blogspot.com cindy hotpoint

    Amen. I can't remember what to call anything — it's all just glammy electropop to me. I think.

  • Twat

    quad agreed. but i do fucking love klaxons.

  • http://lynton.buzka.com/BeatsandPieces Lynton

    Ah, don't be so hard on yourself!

    "We are at as much fault as NME. Are we such a consumer society that we cannot like a genre for more than a year?"

    A name is just that, and it doesn't matter who calls what what. Sure the boffins at the NME now have themselves a handy moniker (and mix CD) to shift a few more loads of a mag that isn't really that relevant in the blog/myspace world that is right now!

    All genres aside – good music will get picked up whatever the title and now that ppl can learn about bands from the band themselves, fans and dedicated bloggers/online critics the generalisations that "mass" media need to shift units is gonna change or else become totally irrelevant.

    *rant over*

  • http://www.myspace.com/andiman andie

    yeah! C'mon, what counts is the good song! It ain't over till Aliens rule the world.

    big mono shout outs from berlin.

  • dj buck

    erm, continue making acid. house and otherwise?

  • http://deleted dj buck

    start a "new" band called " ??? "

  • http://ipopped.blogspot.com Hanka

    Travis, I couldn't have said it better!

    I like the Klaxons, but I prefer old school rave music, like Dune en old Moby stuff….

  • the gilb

    right on! you've put into writing what I'd been thinking for a while… people make cheap music to keep you interested just long enough till the next carbon copy comes out the following week

  • http://bigstereo.net/ Travis

    Lynton: I meant a more collective everybody type "we" rather than a you and I type "we." Obvs there are some of us who see above and beyond NME… I hope 99% of the people who come to this site fall into that category.

    I believe you are giving blogs too much credit. I'm willing to bet there are still far more people who turn to traditional media than those who get their music recomendations from blogs/internet.

  • peace out

    Jamie from Klaxons used to claim that he invented the term "Neu-Rave". Initially the NME called it Alt-Disco (referring to Klaxons, Shit Disco and another band I can't recall..), eventually giving in to the fact that most of the indie kids in London they sell to were calling it something else…

  • http://www.myspace.com/wepushuponfrenchies fash

    well, its ovbious in a posmodern society go to past to make music of today, its also an ovbious thing that now 90's are going back.

    thats ok, the problem is that u need to get something fresh from all this. For me guitar bands are totaly over. if u go back to bring rock songs to the present they should be even better than before. think of sonic youth or pavement or pulp circa this is hardcore..

    and now think of klaxons….

    french producers use to be genious in this kind of recycling of american culture, daft punk, mr oizo, justice, cuz they add something personal to it.

    producers have to get wet makin music , not just shake a cocktail.

    i guess subgenres dies when there are lots of producers makin da same shit without even try to be personal.

    but the real fuckin problem for me is how to spread the music to the world if u are not friend of the

    momentary "right" guys

  • pax

    some one emailed me a newish sebastiAn remix with the words Bigbeat of the 2000s in the subject line… couldn't agree more

  • Rogier

    there you go again…

  • http://lynton.buzka.com/BeatsandPieces lynton

    Hi Travis,

    Good point on the rleative importance of online to traditional media – there will always be the overground. I was stating the importance of blogs/online in light of this study just released on BRAND SIRENS:


    "A SMALL BUT PASSIONATE GROUP of opinionated and media-savvy consumers between the ages of 13 and 34 have a profound effect on marketing through their ability to influence friends and family via word-of-mouth, viral video, and applications such as instant messaging and blogs."

    The marketeers are starting to take seriously the importance of this stuff, so get ready to be the new darlings of the media and be labelled (of course) as "Brand Sirens".

  • james kendall

    The mailout for the new issue of Fact in the UK says "Inside FACT:16, the band-of-the-moment reveal that they started 'neu rave' as a joke that the NME subsequently bought wholesale. Suckers."

    make of that what you will.

    I play a lot of this stuff on my radio show and we call the show The Future Rock & Roll Show. (http://www.totallyradio.com/archive.php?show=104)

    Inventing your own genres rocks, but then i would say that, i'm one of those dreded music journalists.

  • http://www.myspace.com/premini Premini

    Travis, you have a good point.

    Mags needs to kill or restart trends and all this shit because there are few things to talk about.

    I'ts like those boring football matchs in which the commentarist begins to talk you about the player's mother age or give you some useless statistics.

    We need some goals!! Meanwhile we can have boring discussions about the importance of Klaxons in the new rave scene, the latest SebastiAn remix, or where to hide the electroclash dead body.

  • http://catdirtsez.blogspot.com cat dirt

    it's all a process of more independent music getting coopted- it happens in all independent music styles. i think it's all "indie dance nation" to me- like "indie rock nation" but more international.

  • http://www.abletonlivedj.com womoma

    Great article. It kind of also extends to the whole 20 year loop concept which affects music and fashion, the 20 year thing is getting smaller and smaller as "they" try to keep ahead of the posse. Its down to about 16 years now and before long it will be down to about 10 years. You know the shit Im sayin. You do.

    Viva le "Outhere Brothers" .. It was only a matter of time.

  • http://dalen.wordpress.com/ petecockroach

    Thank you the internet. Funniest shit i have read in ages. You have changed my life man.

    Come on, it's more rubbish to add the other rubbish that Uk bands, NME & you kids dream up.

    Listen to Alex Fergusson, The Heads or TVP if you are interested in CREATIVE music.

    You are a fucking idiot.

  • TheFuture

    Bandwagon, Bandwagon, All aboard the Bandwagon.

    I love the fact guitar bands used to hate dance music when it first came about in the late 80's and then became a serious force in the media in the early 90's, yet now all the 18-20 year old kids making music have grown up with dance music being a normal part of their life and so are incorporating parts of it into their music more, i.e Franz Ferdinand, Block Party, Klaxons, etc etc.

    So in my godamn opinion New Rave doesn't exist and if it does its been around for a few years now but a indie band covering an old rave tune like The Bouncer sounds fucking wicked to me.

    This is one bandwagon I'm happy to jump on even if I'm the last person left on it when it sinks in the mud.

    'Rant Over'

  • TheFuture

    P.S – Kasabian are the Stone Roses with a few more Dancey elements added in and sound amazing and their first album was in 2004, did they start New Rave?


  • bringer of the truth

    all of the music on this blog is rubbish

  • TheFuture

    whatever…. Fool.

  • ME!


    Id like to say that the only reason why "new rave" or should i say more electro style music has come to attention is because:

    1) Equipment to produce this style of music is more available and cheaper producing the ability to produce electro style music at home. (This relates to guitar music, it became more popular because everyone could buy an electric guitar for their teenager for christmas and they could attempt to strum away and dream of being in a band, or actually make one)

    2) Everyone has been entertained long enough with guitar music/indie/whatever! and we all need some sort of new addition…how about funky electro music beat to 'bop' to…but we still LIKE the 'indie' stuff so we have simply included it or dug up stuff from the old times because we just felt more like it. EG There are times when i cant stand to listen to drum and bass, other times its just what i want!

    3) NME have simply recognised the above and is informing people of the new addition to the music we know and love and so increasing its availability by telling us of the music so we can investigate. Yes, it does recognise what people catch onto more, but surely this is just because we like it? not because its being rammed down our ears?

    4) Drugs related to 'rave' style music are possibly more available?? (not sure, i dont take drugs..)

    Yes, it probably existed before, except people were not bored enough with the music they were listening to then to go out and actively research something interesting and then buy a new album. It just so happens that the new album with music which isnt as similiar to the previous album they loved is one with slightly more electric beats on.

    I am a buyer of NME, but i skip past the 'genres' they stick onto music. Genres just cause arguements. The reason is that people want to make their own genres for the music they listen to. If somebody asks me what music i like, i would say, the fratellis, the klaxons and cajun dance party. I wouldnt say some sort of pretentious sub genre! People can then decide whether or not they want to put me in a category which relates to how THEY put music into a genre.

    The creating of many sub genres has NOT made music tastes or bands easier to describe. The only way to combat the problem, and yes it is a problem, is to only mention genres when it is blatently obvious.

    eg, country and western, classical, pop and if you mention indie, specify by mentioning BANDs that you like.

    The "consumer society" that we live in is not entirely to blame. The only people who will go with the crowd are usually the teeniboppers who will grab an idea and sell it as the best new thing, and claim they had been wearing neon clothing for far longer than anybody else and then label THEMSELVES as a 'new raver' and then realised later that their clothing, friends, attitude and lifestyle do not have to be dictated by their music tastes, and realise what fools they have been.

    this shows in some emokids…i have seen many cut and dye thier hair black just to be individual, but they soon realised it really wasnt and either moved on to another subgenre of music to base themselves on, or, the more intelligent gave up altogether and accepted that its not illegal to like different sorts of music to what is cool.

    I love the 'new rave' music, i dont own a glow stick, i dont wear neon tracksuits (datarock) but i agree that all the stuff that goes with it is just great entertainment and people trying to be individual.

    We should just respect this individuality, love or hate the music, AND STOP TRYING TO COPY IT BECAUSE ITS BEEN ANNOUNCED AS THE NEW THING- unless you really are so insecure that you feel the need to adopt an identity dictated by whatever music genre people have said sounds good, and is slightly different to what was the last popular accessible music which the majority thought sounded good.


  • TheFuture

    Well said, in fact very well said.

  • Bobby

    New Rave is just New Wave with an R instead of a W.

  • TheFuture

    New Wave was dark and depressing which New Rave isn't in its style.

    As a musical movement it is certainly similar tho echoing the 1979/1980 shift from Punk to New Wave just with this its Indie Rock into Dance Punk/New Rave whatever you wish to call it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/newkillerglamstar emily noir

    i like new rave music but it's not rave really. if you want rave then put on some old skool acid house, stuff like the shamen, underworld, 2 unlimited etc.

    i like the klaxons though. and it's good that they are trying to bring back the whole rave/house scene.

  • http://www.abletonlivedj.com womoma

    I consider Klaxons just another indie/rock band. I like them but dont think they should be given the "kings of new rave" title, whatever that means!

    I can see why the label "new rave" pisses so many people off.

    Regardless, in my opinion, music has to move to new things, different avenues to prevent it from getting stale, and my how it can get stale.

    But the consumers are the driving force, and for some reason, consumers have seemingly not made much effort to seek out and find fresh new shit over the last few years, instead letting NME etc, tell them what to listen to, or worse, just listening to any old shit on the radio.

    Its quite sad really, especially for those who really love dance and electronic music, yet maintain open minds.

    Where I live, in Dublin, I hear 16 year old kids on the bus listening to the same trance/happy hardcore shite that was relatively progressive 10 years ago. Its quite tragic.

    These days, the real innovators in the world of dance music are shunned by many dance music purists. Its quite ironic considering that for so long, dance music was constantly evolving and branching out.

    Nowadays its a strange niche for 20-something clubbers who should know better, and chavvy European street kids in tracksuits.

    So, I guess what Im saying this:

    Many of us cant help but get excited when we hear of new scenes coming along, "electroclash", "new rave" or whatever they may be called.

    The world of dance music is going through a pretty rough time, in desperate need of a kick up the arse IMO.

    And if indie kids and rockers can actually help out, by doing their own takes on dance/electronic, all the better, no matter what NME call it.

  • brennan

    im a reader of the NME, but their constant tendency to hurriedly usher any band that sends them a demo into a neatly assigned sub-genre is cringe-worthy at best.

    when "new rave" was first introduced as a genre, klaxons seemed to be just about the only band to latch on whole-heartedly (and even that was not without a little irony). datarock, shitdisco, and CSS were among the first to be tagged with this and u could practically hear them squirming as the interviewer asked questions such as "What's your favorite Altern8 song?" These bands couldn't get a mention without having their names followed by "new rave upstarts", "nu rave sensations", or any number of horribly contrived titles.

    The only bright side to all of this, is that bands ARE uncomfortable with these tacky subgenres (besides Trash Fashion of course who are sure to go down with their neon pill-powered ship). A google search of "New Rave" produces more articles slating the genre than ones actually fuelling it. It's obvious that a huge number of people agree that this is just gettin stupid, so hopefully it's just a matter of time until the likes of 'new rave' and any other of the numerous pointless genres cease to exist, and more importantly, cease to be created.

  • PJ

    I just think it's sad how the music industrie just keeps recycling everything.

    The whole 80's revival and now since we have heard that again, they are starting a 90's revival?

    Before we know it, there's a nu-metal revival.. or wait first comes the grunge revival? yeah ! the new kids where to young to remember that, let's hype that!

  • Morgan Louis

    We're all going to hell.

  • http://www.myspace.com/xslutttx SLUTTT






  • Manos

    thanks. there's the end of an intelligent conversation

  • charlene

    hey ladz wdc

  • Musicrazy

    Klaxons said they played New Rave as a joke! And then everybody drove it up to this!

    They got the idea from New Wave. They didn't like the 'W', so they changed it with 'R'.

    Simple it is.

  • Aurora

    new rave is funny.

    that's all.

  • http://funplusone.blogspot.com papat


  • ggggggg

    Wow, just saw this post. New rave has nothing to do with old rave … which was what, dance music + candy FliP + nu-hippie philosophies?

    If that's the case, then how are the Klaxons "new rave"? What in god's name do they have to do with *anything* that existed in the late 80s/early 90s? They sound like all the other indie + dance bands around since the start of the decade.

    The power of hype can create genres for the same sounding bands over and over. Downright nutty.

  • lil boy

    its not as bad as screamo

  • Sam


    just listen to some bloody music rather than talking about it

  • http://www.myspace.com/flaviadurante flávia

    i totally agree with you!

    greetings from são paulo, brazil.

  • Iamfluoro

    Where is the 'rave' in 'new rave'? I dont see any smiley faces, ganga smoking hippies OR hear any cheesy piano loops, squeeky voices or any 303 synthesisers, so how has 'rave' suddenly become 'new rave'? Ask any 'new raver' about acid house, techno or jungle and the chances are they know fuck all. More of a fashion statement than a sound definately…I do like fluoro though.

  • nurave queen

    i luuurrvve nu rave, I wasnt old enough 4 the 1st nurave so im luvin dis 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • little miss sunshine

    thought i was the only idiot on this planet

  • DJ Pentel

    I love dirty base and heavy beats…new rave and electro house is absolutley amazing….its real music that makes your feet move and your body shake….keep the thumping base going i say!

  • DJlinqÃ&frac1

    well, i totally agree with you! people'd rather start to think about the music itself instead of worring about labels. These days ago, i was trying to put some bands under these labels. bands which goes under disco punk , nu rave , etc. and i just realised that i was being silly, 'cause, all of them, even though is good, can be under any of those labels!!! and what about the music?! lets just close our eyes to all these crap labels and open our ears to good music, without worring about the style itself. the midia's allways telling us "listen to this now, this is hype" , but the next moment its like "this is not cool anymore, so listen to that!" bullshit! i'm also tired about all these stupid reviews. the internet has made things easilly to everybody. i mean, i live in brazil, and now its such an easy thing to know whats happening around the world, before internet, wasn't that easy… even though is good, its bad cause things change so fast, and it makes a confusion on the head, new styles, new bands… its difficult to follow. but, i do like things like sunshine underground, shit disco,klaxons, etc… but, those bands for me are just electro rock, like panico, css, radio 4,…

  • just sam to be hones

    you lot are all just trying to get one over on NME magazine and the readers, if you hadn't noticed, EVERY band in the history of music has only ever gotten anywhere because of the media, otherwise we'd of never had the greats like zeplin, the beatles, bowie etc etc etc.

    in the world of music the media is everything!! if any of you have ever been in a band you'll already know that. a band with no media attention number 1) craves the attention and number 2) only has fans from school/college/friends of friends.

    NME may have plucked the name "new rave" out of a hat, and peiced it together from former genres, but thats how the media works, people!! if a magazine as big as NME, or Q or anything thinks a certain genra/band/style/phase is "out" then nothing will stop them from publishing it, and the hardcore readers and followers will hang on their every word. so the moment Joe Bloggs at NME decided the new big things was "new rave" not only was the new bandwagon built, it was filled, started up and sent away!!

    you people need to realise that musical genres and cultures ARE going to change once a year AT LEAST!! why not just find a band out the millions of new ones that are coming out, listen to their songs, and like them! never mind if its a rip off of "old stuff" or the name of the music has been made up from two genres from the past, if its good music why are you all trying to defend your "classic" stuff when the people you are ranting to probably like "new rave" anyway??????

    im done.

  • http://bigstereo.net/ Travis


    to be fair… i used NME as a bit of a scapegoat. this thread wasn't meant to be NME bashing session. or anything of that sort.

    the point isn't that bands are getting picked up by mainstream media and given silly labels. it doesn't matter if genres are created so that the media can feel comfortable reporting/critiquing/reviewing music. that is fine. that's great!

    BUT there is a huge problem when genres are created and bands are picked up by media for the sole purpose of tearing them down the next month so that the media outlet can make more money. it's starving artists.

    a magazine's bottom line is to make money off of advertising. they do that by increasing circulation. their interest isn't promoting good music or bands… their primary interest is making money. and (in the uk especially) they've found what sells is building bands up fast and them destroying them a month later. it sells magazines which sells advertisement.

    this doesn't help artists' careers. it makes them a commodity with a shelf life of only a couple months.

    it would be nice (haha) is NME or Q or MTV or whoever actually embraced music and instead laid the groundwork for lasting careers, but that's not the business they're in.

    AND i totally applaud NME for keeping this new rave thing going for 6 months. i dare them to keep it going for another 12. doubtful.

    i love all the "new rave" bands. totally. but i loved them before they were call new rave. and i'll still love them after. most people are sheep though and will just quickly jump on the next bandwagon. i'm just asking people to be a little more conscious (or cautious?) before jumping on the next bandwagon.

    and sam… i think we're agreeing more than we're disagreeing. it's all just terribly silly.

  • just sam to be hones


    if you hadn't noticed, every dand has a so called "shelf-life", it just that some bands happen to have a moderatly larger one than others, the biggest bands in the world are/were only "huge" for a few years (ie. the rolling stones, the beatles etc). agreed, these bands WERE big in their day, but after about 4/5 years, big bands simply run their course, thats just how it goes.

    bands will always strive to last as long as they possibley can, but in reality it never happens, bands come out and appeal to the current generation, but as that generation grows up, the bands get less and less popular. in the 1990's, oasis were without a doubt one on the biggest bands going (in the UK at least), but, although they are still producing albums and making realitivly good music, they are no where near as big as they were back then.

    the point im trying to make is that music comes and goes, and although its sometimes sad, thats just how it is. id love to see "new rave" be around in three years time, but i very much doubt it will. or if it is, it most likely wont be called "new rave" any more, the media will have come up with a new name for it, and we'll all be sat here moaning about this all over again!!

    maybe we are agreeing rather than disagreeing, but i still stand on the fact that music, and GOOD music at that, is always going to be labeled and critisized by whoever was on the last bandwagon, because they haven't yet hopped over to the new one.

    music is music and genres are genres, whether people like it or not.

  • http://bigstereo.net/ Travis

    of course every band has a shelf life… but look at the shelf life of a band 20 or 30 years ago vs. now and it's a totally different story. i'd argue that this generation doesn't have any stones, beatles, etc. bands are discarded before they can ever reach that point. and honestly this is in part due to an over saturation of good music. there are a lot more bands now competing for your attention on a national and international level than there were ten years ago.

    i don't have a problem with fads or genres or bands coming and going. that's pop culture. you can't fight that. the difference is it is okay as long as culture is naturally dictating what is coming and going rather than one or two media sources who are driven by a bottom line.

    the issue is not shelf life or too many genres but rather media outlets building up bands and genres just to rip them down the next day so that they can make an extra buck. it doesn't do the artist or consumer any good…

  • just sam to be hones

    well isn't that something that can't really be fought against? if corperations such as the media are around to say whats "in" and what's not, then they're always going to shit all oever the little guy (ie. you or me).

    i think we're always going to come to a crossroads at the end of the day, we both want the good bands to stick around for longer than a few months, and so we should, but i think we've both realised that thats not going to happen to easily with the media pulling bands up and ripping them down as we've discussed. agreed?

    i have to admit, you make a good some really good points.


    just get the fuckin glow sticks out and lets pill our faces off!!!


  • xloserxcorex

    new rave sucks dude!!

    but MCR and Hawthorne Heights totally RAWK my SAWKS!!


  • disemboweled corpse!

    u r all a bunch of pussies!!

    listen 2 sum REAL music tht will make ur ears bleed!!


  • Beefy Bertha

    i think ur a fricken homo who really cares i love the music too but w/e!!!!!! GOOOOOODODDDDODODODODODODO!!! UGH! LOSERS…….BLAH!

  • http://www.oheye.com haggo

    new rave? what a joke, a genre invented by indie bitches who want to dance and have a fucking party but are to pussy to like any for of electronic music.

    what a joke, how are the klaxons "rave"? they are like every other shitty indie band around.

    rave/dance music is electronic, we need computers to keep the beat in time not a drummer struggling to keep up.


    im THE new rave kid

    iv liked klaxons since before they existed

    and i own a glowstick shop

    i only wear clothes from charity shops or that iv made myself

    i have repeatetive strain disorder in my wrists from ravin too hard!!

    and my face is yellow like a smiley!!

    BOW TO ME!!

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  • http://www.ctxmusic.com.ar san

    Can you listen "new rave"? http://www.ctxmusic.com.ar

  • JimBloxxx

    I love new rave. I also love indie music, Drum N Bass, Dance, Metal, Punk, Rap etc. I think I find new rave so appealing, simply because it gives me a chance to experience what people experienced back in the days of the prodigy when rave was exciting and new, but this time its safer, its more friendly, and its a fusion of so many different kinds of music, a larger audience can enjoy the music. I know NME hyped it up a lot, But I wish you guys would stop slating new trends and crazes, and just accept them, instead of moaning like a bunch of old grannies, about everything still being popular, because everyone knows that all kinds of music will always be popular with some people, but at the moment, new rave is in. Pretty soon it will be something else. But just enjoy new rave while its here, because these things never last forever. And who knows what crap you will be stuck with next. Still I suppose at least it will give you miserable barstards something to moan about wont it!!!

  • Dj BB

    Humm new rave i have no bother of it and i am an old time raver but all i can say is i hate NME they are bunch of up ass twats tbh i am a wide range music person from thrash metal to House. but all i can say is there are too many music mags out there for my likeing lol x

  • Dj BB

    about the comment from jimbloxx, new rave isnt safer i have amate who fekin loves new rave and hes a proper pill head and sais there are so much drugs involved in it lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/videostereo araji

    now..that "new rave" arrive in indonesia……

    i dont care about the roots or anything else

    i like klaxons, shit disco,new young pony club..

    they make us so bright..

  • Anonymous

    its all electro

  • http://? Jaffaz 2K7

    i luv rok especialy mcr famous last words and gd sharlut keep ur hands of my girl lostprophets greenday etc. and rave is just songs that have been stolen fast forwarded and put dj boonie or sum crap in front its a hel load of dam squeeky shit

  • http://muhammid.com klaxon

    nu rave is the gayest thing since un sliced bread.

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    Thank You

  • Caiti

    Yeah i get what you mean with all the different genres being basically the sane thing but c'mon u cant blame the ppl at NME for giving the Klaxons, CSS, New Young Pony Club and ShitDisco their own genre. There bloody damn good n deserve it! xXx's

  • http://myspace.com/lucenturion lulu centurion


    its just that our freakin generation cannot wait to classify itslef it sucks same with the name "indie" i mean shit ppl hippies werent called hippies till all the movement was over same with flappers. any hoo what is the deal with all the names being all about makin sumthin old new that is wrongggg like you said its all the same and ive thought about this and i think that what has been goin on with music is also goin on with architecture and the style that manya rchitects today use wich is deconstructivism. so i really think thats what it should be called: decon. whutev. its like our generation is so desperate to classify itself i dont understand why. just be

  • http://www.myspace.com/emptypocketabsentfriends Aizul A

    Anonymous Says:

    April 14th, 2007 at 12.47 pm

    its all electro

    — yeah i agreed it man! electro proper keyboard things.. both side of it from everything, so what the hell is 'NU RAVE'?

  • http://www.myspace.com/chuckjones DJ Haute

    This is freaking brilliant. You nailed it on the head. Consumerism at its finest.

  • Mike

    Who actually gives a shit… i mean "New Rave" good music crazy new style nough said do u hav 2 dig into it so deeply jus leave it as it is. Get into it as much as u like and if u dnt, then dnt get involved. ppl jus find it hard 2 accept new things indie and all of that was classified once it doesnt make it new it jus means sum1 gave it a name and a direct following. NME didnt invent "new rave" they jus gave it a fuckin name.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emptypocketabsentfriends Aizul A

    whatever….. It's a electro shit.

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    if you're interested, we just opened a website about electro pop new rave clothing fashion and so on.


  • http://www.missingtoof.com bumpsdick missingtoo

    Just came back to this through google.

    I'm still so with you. It was valid when you wrote it, it's valid now, it will be valid in a year.

    Slay the hypebeast when the hypebeast tries to slay the music.

  • Russ

    What an amazing article.

    My problems with New-Rave:

    -It's not new.

    -In no way does it sound like "rave" music (Having a bass drum play at 4/4 with a high-hat on the offbeat doesn't make it rave-y either).

    -It's Indie, and everyone knows Indie is the new Emo.

    -It's fashion consists of all the annoying shit you ignore and avoid at The Goodwill.

    -Despite what age or gender you are, you know the large majority of New-Rave's audience are snotty 14 year old girls, don't even deny it…

    In general new-rave is like eating a pound of sugar.

  • its all music

    klaxons,hadouken,sunshine undergound,rapture…..its all just indie lad rock music which is a bit upbeat.dont get me wrong i like the bands but its just another excuse of a name for people to jump on the bandwagon.lets just call it indie music u can dance to,go back to as early as 89 when stoneroses and happy mondays were around, that was indie music which had a dance feel to it, so i guess you could blame the 'new rave' thing on the 'madchester' scene lol so my point is new rave is a load off cock an balls.you wanna get pilled up and listen to proper RAVE listen to prodigy,chemical brothers and old groove armada stuff

  • Rods

    The only difference from Electroclash and New Rave is that the first was registered as a label and the scond not -yet.

    I wish I could make some friends understand that this labeling bands/songsmusic the way people made after Klaxons' joke, etc. is -at least- ridiculous.

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  • Pingback: TheDrums/TheDrums/TheDrums « Lights Are Flashing

  • FedericoKofopoulos

    eu acho ridiculo discutir tanto isso

    electroclash new rave indie

    no final tudo é musica

    e no final tudo se parece.

    se nao no som em modo se se vesti balbnalabalbala

    curtam aproveitem bebam se droguem façam oque quiser..

    bjos. call me, manaus

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