Brazilian Girls

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Brazilian Girls

Ok to be straight up, I wasn’t much of a fan of the first Brazilian Girls’ album. I probably should have been. I know a lot of you were. But for whatever reason it never clicked with me.

But their new single “Jique” has me excited. Prefect combination of some dirty synth mixed with dream pop oohs and aahs. “Jique” could easily be like five different songs going in five different directions, but Brazilian Girls effortlessly wrap it up into one. Here is some crazy square angles and perfect dance rock.

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Brazilian Girls – “Jique” (mp3)

You know you’re going to hear some great remixes of this.

Watch: Brazilian Girls – “Jique” live in NYC (mov)

Drop La Bomb out in stores September 12th. The album is produced by Mark Plati and Ric Ocasek. Nice.

Brazilian Girls
  • http://this.bigstereo.net/rchrd Rchrd Oh?!

    Ric Ocasek fucked Le Tigre up, but luckily they're calling it quits. I guess the Brazilian Girls have always been way produced though, so it could do no harm.

  • http://www.headphonesex.co.uk headphonesex

    Travis, I see i've accidentally just copied your post. Never mind, it's not too shabby this.

    Richard, i read down the page that you'll be in London on August bank holiday weekend. If you're here then you have to go to Notting Hill Carnival… best party in London & it's free.

    Just pack a bottle of rum & head off to Norman Jay or Sancho Panza…. good times!!

    i'll be around anyway if you want to give me a shout.

    I may be going to the TDK thing as well, but haven't decided yet.

  • http://mog.com/jess_horrible jess horrible

    Oh dude, I put my foot straight in my mouth over this band. A couple months ago I posted on my mog about how they suck, and of course a Verve A&R guy is a mogger, and he came back like, "what? how can you say this?"

    To which I had to admit that I really hadn't even listened to much of their music, I just hated their video so much I'd never given them a chance.

  • http://www.xarj.net/ Xarj

    Love those Brazilian Gilrs ! lol Great music artists! I try to inspire my music from their style. What do you think? http://www.xarj.net/

  • http://www.kristopherdukes.com KRiSTOPHER DUKES

    Ooh la love… I'm distracted by the lady's go go boots.

    Anyway, blogged about you:

  • http://abrooklynlife.com ABrooklynLife

    Ha! Looks like this photo shoot was done right down the street from me in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I can see a silo from the sugar factory in the background.

  • http://www.espailleure.com Don Lapre

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  • raymundo

    Accomplished musicians? Sure they are! But that Didi guy is the biggest asshole I've ever met in my life. He thinks he's better than Brian Eno and, although, he has chops, he has ZERO SOCIAL SKILLS. Learn to be with the people Didi and stop being such an asshole. Saw them in West Chester, PA and they played 6 songs! 6 fucking songs!!!!! No Jique, no nothing, just instrumental bullshit. The only song they played that was recognizable was "Good Times." They pretty much flicked their middle finger at all of us who were there to witness their "genius" for the first time. I hope, after the baby, they never reunite. Fuck B.G.

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