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Ok, like I know you were just getting used to the rave being over. Perhaps, if you live in the Midwest or in Amish country, you might not know that the rave is over. No worries. Klaxons seem to be spearheading a neo-rave movement of sorts. But don’t think lame ass candy ravers waving glow sticks in your face in some dirty old wharehouses. Think indie-rave: like hot boys in tight jeans with perky synths and guitars. Actually, it all seems more art rock than rave… oh like how ironic: indie boys at the rave. I know, I know. We’ve already traveled down that road. Luckily, the music is so damn good you won’t be worrying about genres, labels or irony.

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Klaxons – “Atlantis to Interzone” (mp3)

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Modular is on a signing spree. Rumor has it Klaxons signed with Modular in the USA. Of course you already know New Young Pony Club was also recently snatched up by Modular, and they are gearing up to re-release a re-upped version of “Ice Cream” in late July. Seems like Modular is expanding their empire far beyond Australia. They’re the label to watch these days… have they signed anyone who sucks? No.

  • Wordy Rappinghood

    And just as I was getting tired of Neo-New Wave, too…

    Anyway, that track is excellent. That was Dance-Rock at it's finest. I hope to hear more artists like that in the future.

  • Altern 8er

    Modular will release a one-off ep by Klaxons in September when the hit NYC for two shows. More shows in late Oct/early Nov.

  • martin egan


    I have been very impressed by The Klaxons and i reckon they've been listening to Shriekback /Cabaret Voltaire.I would like to know if they will be playing The Midlands atall atall.

    I played them last night at my Punk Disco @ The Bulls Head in Moseley, Birmingham.

    Ta Ta


  • Alan

    Klaxons are creating a new movement of rave/indie music that is very exciting. I have alot of respect for them

  • Kris

    wow wot a band

  • G.

    Mindblowing. Just when I thought creativity in London was dead….

  • Carlotta

    I love this band soo much

  • Mark

    Very very good band indeed

  • http://histoyweather.tk jim

    Yeeesh. Its great that music is constantly developing but its getting a bit silly when people go aroung sayin stuff like "just as I was getting tired of that sound heres a nice new one" how short are our attention spans that we cant listen to what we liked last month AS WELL as whatever new band that the music press are prematurely pushing. Its so sad to see so many bands last five minutes due to magazines like the NME desperately pushing new bands out that havent had time to grow and hyping "scenes" that barely even exist yet. All it does is continue to decrease the lifespan and value of music we claim to be passionate about.

  • alice


  • Josh

    HEll NO KLAX*ns OWN (taking over>>>

  • alice

    why no sir, i disagree entirely. SEE SHITDISCO LOVE SHITDISCO PREFER SHITDISCO.

  • alice


  • http://- Paul Simmons


    Shit Disco

    Sunshine Underground

    its all bull. 'Neu Rave' is a media pushed trend brainchilded by a writer at the NME. Listen to their music – apart from one track from the klaxons which just samples an old track, WHERE IS THE RAVE?????

    fake fodder

  • Cheryl

    alskdjflskfj so good.

  • !!¢Ð

    נѕт ωαиα ѕαу тнт ι «3 кℓαχσиѕ!! тнєуя тнє вєѕт!!

    мωαн «3 уαz и υя иєυ-яανє мσνємєит!! ..χ.χ.χχ

  • Rich

    Custard Factory Bham AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I love the Klaxons, but I don't really get this whole Neo-Rave/New-rave buisness. How is it rave?

  • Anonymous


  • alice

    I agree KlaXons are damn good

  • http://www.google.com —-

    I have seen the Kalxons and though I enjoyed the event I do not rate the band really high in my own personal charts… the music isn't amazing, the gigs are…

    As a fan of dance music (and don't think silly Chavvy music here) I am offended at the notion of "Nu-Rave" or however you want to spell it… I don't givea fuck what NME says as it too has become a bible of wank for the masses to masturabate over… who wants posters of your favourite male artist… honestly… shite… Klaxons… good live… but not rave… and the comment about "candy ravers" and "warehouses" total bollocks if you know ANYTHING about modern raves they are held in squats (especially warehouses) and it compramises of illegal hard hitting techno sounds with a nice TB-303 ACID bass line… Don't speak of what you don't know… Honestly…

    Less bollocks more drugs… more dance… more fun. Fuck indie, it's done anyway, spent… fucking went out years ago…

  • ****


    I agree with what the dude/chick above me said. Who gives a fuck about the name of the genre? Just give me the good music, and then shut up.

  • Ross Leeson

    Right, one thing about this New-Rave buzz word. The Klaxons are the only New-Rave band, Jamie Reynolds started first Grindie, then New-Rave. Does it really matter! They are good and they are awesome live I saw them I was lucky enough to get backstage at Manumission in Ibiza (BOASTING) haha. Klaxons are refreshing for Indie, they add a bit of colour to the scene. What with all these bands talking about boring shit (Little Man Tate).

  • Jennnn!

    Yeah I agree. They may not be the most, I guess, talented band. But their gigs are fuckig mind-blowing.

    When I went the atmosphere was electric. Who cares about labels? If the music is good and they perform well let them be.

    And Shitdisco can't really be classed the same as Klaxons? To me they have a more Indie sound than Klaxons, therefore no comparison.

  • http://www.abletonlivedj.com womoma

    genre genre genre genre genre genre genre genre

  • tm

    I take it youre all under 18? thought so.

  • Richard

    Rave = Techno, Old Skool, House etc (Generally no guitars unless samples, tunes mixed so you can dance non stop)

    Indie = Stone Roses, guitar bands etc (no decks, no tunes mixed, play a song then finish and start another)

    these are two completely seperate worlds – I love certain parts of both of them and have been into both but dont ever try and mix the two as its physically impossible. ( I'd love to see a live drummer manage to pull off a 4/4 techno or house beat non stop – he's have to be the fucking terminator or something)

    anyone who reads the NME – STOP, you'd be better off sticking your head up a cows arse for music advice

  • Anonymous

    lets me listen to golden scans

  • http://blahblah lulu

    Well gd Luv them!!!

  • Jig

    They are awesome!

    Going to see them for the 1st time in 2 weeks, get in!

    True though, NME are Muse loving, trend setting geeks!

    Get your own mind ideas, ditch NME!

  • chris

    if i were to class any band as having dance music mixed with indie it would be soulwax!!

    they are about the only band that can claim to be both in my opinion..

    look at E talkin for a prime example.. its not out of place in a night club, or a rock festival..

  • Jeffieeee

    Sod this "new-rave" label, Klaxons are just a VERY SEXY BAND! I think I mught be in love with Atlantis-Interzone…

  • sofia

    like klaxons, you'll love crystal castles

  • http://www.myspace.co.uk/about5or6 ArtDecouvert

    The Klaxons are the best new age band i have seen come out since the relaese of franz ferdinand to the signed scene!

    I saw them play at Leeds festival and they were awsome and are continually inovative with the way their music is presented to an audience!

  • Andi

    These guys are great…I can't wait to catch them at Coachella this year or on their N. American tour for that matter….One of the best new age bands right now….

  • http://myspace.com/tuskanmusic johno

    paul simonon is boss but so r klaxons

  • Eve

    I love the Klaxons!!! ♥ they r 10/10

  • Cam

    does no one else think that anyway, the klaxons are just…well…shit? no two ways about it for me, it's baffling…

    aye surely soulwax was indie dance (don't wanna say nu rave) wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before this shite started with the klaxons? and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more convincingly too? how come they never had the nme proclaiming a revolution behind THEM?

    'lame ass 'candy ravers'??? u fucking ignorant scumbag. go and get an education then come back and talk to me, prick.

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