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Zeigeist is yet another brilliant act from Sweden. If you thought the whole electroclash performance art act was dead, you are wrong. I in fact have been craving more of that and seeing Fischerspooner on tour last time was an incredible disappointment due to low energy and lack of innovative costumes and theatrics. Zeigeist bring art back into the music. Their sound is easily compared to The Knife and Queen of Japan. I could easily see these guys being played all over the radio and clubs, and I am sure will be uploaded to Ipods everywhere.
Zeigeist is not only a band but an art collective. The band includes the usual band members plus costume designers, set designers, and more designers, and more designers. We couldn’t be more excited and anxious to see this band live.
Here is a song off of their future full length album, that is in the works. Oh and before you leave your comments, the Kate Bush influence is supposed to be obvious on this track.

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Zeigeist- “Tar Heart” (mp3)

  • http://myspace.com/mond mondster

    this is "f as in knife" by the knife. haha. i was curious about this.

    but it was a nice surprise. but its tagged as zeigeist soo hmmmmm.

  • anticonformiste

    No, it is Zeigeist. All explained here: http://ilx.wh3rd.net/thread.php?msgid=6650203

  • http://www.flogmusic.com Anonymous

    Anticonformiste is right. Someone put that up on a fake Knife MySpace page. It is really Zeitgeist. But it sounds a lot like Karin Andersson's voice.

  • Daniel

    I've heard a buzz for some time now, good to finally hear them. It seems a lot of those bands that have been around for ages in Sweden with this sound are popularised now. The Knife, Revlon9, Fox'n'wolf, Emmon etc. Even the tough alliance and lo-fi-fnk one might argue..

  • http://www.last-royal-tenenbaum.blogspot.com Matthias

    very sweet sound and a trashy fashion style.

  • http://myspace.com/mond mondster

    dude. wtf.

  • http://itisthemoneyshot.blogspot.com the_joe_john

    I find it so strange that this ISN'T Karin Dreijer.

  • http://brian.se Brian

    Zeigeist is correct. Below a link to where you can see some pics and a video from a show in Stockholm earlier this spring. They're brilliant live. Wish more folks could learn to appreciate them though.


  • Anonymous

    yeah.. it sounds fine… but… ehh… it's such a copy of a copy. Even the glossy design and packaging is such a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. I'm not saying its bad, but Zeigeist is all about trying way to hard. Why?

  • Bold

    Yeah, who cares. Even Warhol made copies of others, and himself. As long as it's good…? I think they are way more cool than others in their genre.

  • Gothic_vinter

    Zeigeist is brilliant, its like a more in depth synth sound to relieve depeche mode. We want more

  • anitaconda2003@hotma

    Hello. i've been listening to Zeigeist today. I love the band, it's cool. I live in Argentina, so sorry about my english

  • anitaconda2003@hotma

    i just wanna to know if is there any page where i can download the music. it's difficult to get it here in my country. please answer.. thanks

  • live

    where are Zeigeist?!! I really want to hear something new from them.

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