M.I.A./LCD Soundsytem

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M.I.A. and LCD Soundsystem
Avalon, Boston, Ma.
June 9th, 2005

I was lucky enough to catch a couple words with M.I.A. before the show. I’m a huge dork, but she’s pretty. Maya said Missy Elliott was at her last show, and that Missy was carrying around a dog in a bag. I said it would be hot if she did a record with Missy (duh). And M.I.A. was all like “I didn’t even know Missy listened to me.” It was so cute… and humble. She’s so nice and down to earth. Seriously. I was kind of surprised.

I don’t normally walk up to random strangers that I adore from afar.. but I seriously kind of just bumped into her on the street… and said what the hell. And I’m glad I did.

Diplo isn’t with the show anymore. She said DJ Contra (is that right?) will be filling his shoes. Is there more to this story? Or is Diplo just off doing his own thing for a while? Rumors, rumors, rumors…

Took a video of “Bucky Done Gun”. Dude, it’s like 100mb.. so I’m yousending it for now. I know nothing about video so if anyone knows how to shrink it down, I’m willing to host it here on this server.. let me know. The sound is kinda shit.. but what do you expect from a digi camera?

Update: Stream M.I.A. doing “Bucky Done Gun” in Boston

The show was crazy. She had so much energy and was working the crowd so well.. she was a pro. I’ve read a lot of so-so reviews about her live performances… but whatever was missing before isn’t missing now. She was dead on. She really killed it.

Miss Cherry, her backup dancer/singer, was amazing. I am in love with her. She’s great. Her voice was so hot during “Sunshowers.”

Oh. And here is the the setlist for those who care about those things.

I left after the first song (“Beat Connection”) of LCD Soundsystem. They sounded great… and I am a fan. But I was too tired and hungry and I still have this cold… and I just really wanted to go home. Oh well. Next time.

M.I.A./LCD Soundsytem
  • http://www.synapticblur.com chris

    yo yo yo,

    hell of a post about last night's show. i bummed an M.I.A. pic off of you for my review. you can try to sue me, but i have a well-stocked legal team.

    i didnt get to see much of M.I.A., but i agree, she totally hit the spot, and it was a hell of a performance by both groups.

    anyway my review is here

  • Ande

    I noticed on the set list it had "Lady SOV" is this in any way related to lady sovereign?

  • http://this.bigstereo.net Travis

    i wondered the same thing… i thought that maybe they were going to drop a lady sov track or something… but…

    i think that was the part where the dj just did his thing and they danced. i couldn't tell if it was a lady sov track.. if it was it wasn't a vocal track. i don't know.

  • mikey

    hey travis, thanks so much for the picture.

    the site's dope too. im gonna keep reading.

    take it easy holmes.

  • http://this.bigstereo.net Travis

    yeah of course man.. no problem. share the wealth.


  • Ande

    Ahh cool thanks for the info … it may have been a Lady Sov inst. or something else. Too bad Sovereign isn't hitting more of the US on her little jaunt.

  • http://www.lalalala.ds M.I.A fan

    M.I.A is le music, le sex, le everything….

    her energy on stage its amazing and we cannot compare her with any other artist out there…

    100 % original

  • Rigo

    Sexy and Talented what a combination!

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