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Sometimes I put iTunes on random and come across songs that I had totally forgotten about.

Emiliana Torrini’s cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Stephanie Says” is one of those gems. Back in 1996, before the International success of Love In The Time Of Science, Torrini released an album in her home country of Iceland called Merman. If you ever come across it buy it… because it’s hard to find, out of print and mostly forgotten about. I did find one store that says they have it… but… if you can figure out that page please let me know…

“Stephanie Says” is one of my all time favorite songs. It’s about me. I swear. And Torrini adds her own special touch to it… I imagine her version to be through the eyes of Stephanie. Like she is singing about herself. It’s a great cover.

When you’re done with that, Emiliana Torrini has a new-ish album out on Rough Trade Records called Fisherman’s Woman which is a departure from her earlier work. It’s light and quiet and acoustic and soft… like a summer day on a boat in a lake. Worth checking out: ecard here.

Random iTunes

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