It’s official. It may have been obvious for some time, but we’re done.

We started Big Stereo because the music we loved wasn’t getting play — not on the radio, not in the clubs, not on the internet. But now it’s all mainstream. So we won and there is nothing else to be said.

Thank you to every artist who ever let us post their mp3, tolerated us posting their mp3 or hated us for posting their mp3 but didn’t rat us out to the cops. Thank you to everyone who ever played our parties, let us crash on your sofa, wrote about us, bought us drinks, sent us free stuff, put us on your guest list (plus one) or tolerated our-obnoxious-selves. Thank you to all the pushy promo people who pretended to be our friends. Thank you to all who became real friends over the years. Thank you all for giving us ten unforgettable years.

Thank you to the Big Stereo family: Melissa, Alicia and Angelita. Thank you to the Big Stereo extended family: Baby Monster, Jad, Greg Dona.

✌✌✌ Travis & Rchrd