Cibo Matto


New album, new tour! Get it!


James Blake


So good and even better live.




Guardian is watching you! Hailing from LA, this up-and-coming band released their ‘Thirst’ EP August 13th, and they’re ready to bring the action to the stage for their live release party tonight(info here)! This party is not one to miss if you are in the LA area. If you are a fan of italo horror flick soundtracks, disco, and intense blood-thumping synths, then you will love Guardian. Moody and epic, Guardian is sure to make it to the big screen, and reminds me of the beginning of the movie “The Hunger”. The Weatherhouse remix is incredible and free to download. I need to get to a dance floor asap, strobe, strobe, strobe I need you.


The Julie Ruin


The Julie Ruin

After a 7 year long hiatus, Kathleen Hanna is back with The Julie Ruin. Such a long wait this could’ve been one huge, big disappointment. But it is everything. Everything.

NPR has the full album for streaming. Purchase on September 3rd.


Alexis Blair Penney


I was lucky enough to get to interview the beautiful Alexis Blair Penney for the site. A little late on the release date but it is never to late to buy the new album “Window”, available digital now and you can purchase vinyl here. The new album is incredible and you can listen to it over and over. I’d say preferably in a teddy or sheer robe and with a glass of wine. It ranges from sexy to heartfelt and is one of the most amazing things I have heard in ages. The innovation and passion felt is game changing, ‘Window’ is a classic and is made for a full music conoisseur in mind, and that conoisseur is you and Alexis Blair Penney, and only you two. With an accompanying book conveniently also named “Window”(which you can buy here), Alexis is nowhere close to stopping. Telling us a story the whole way through, through song and literature, and now we are pleased to take some time with the one and only:

Alexis Blair Penney

RO: Alexis Blair Penney how we have grown. It has been quite a while since we have heard from you musically. We started our relationship with you in 2010 and have been obsessed ever since. You’ve finally released your full length album “Window” and it was well worth the wait. We have a few questions for you about the album and about life in general.

First off tell us a little about what have you been up to for the last 2 years musically, what has the process on recording this album?

ABP: The process was really kind of stretched out between the whole 2 years it took us to finish the record, between starting to record in my bedroom in San Francisco, to flying to convene in Los Angeles and then finishing it up in New York. It all came about as sort of a personal challenge to myself and to my collaborators to see if we could really sit down and make something full and cohesive and contained and it really kind of blossomed from there once we started to really get the material written. Some of the songs are songs I have known I needed to write for a long time and some of them I discovered along the way, and so it was really magical, if scary and intense at times, to sit down and birth this thing.

RO: You always seem to be collaborating with some very artistic people on both coasts. Can you tell us a little about who you have worked with and what that relationship is like?

ABP: On this record I worked with Nick Weiss, of the band Teengirl Fantasy, who I consider my chief producer and collaborator. He also produced “Lonely Sea” and was really the first person that I ever felt I really clicked with and who understood exactly what I was trying to do, while also bringing a whole array of complimentary influences and ideas to the table. He is such a genius artist in his own right, and has a really amazing sensibility for melody and song-craft, really pop but also really dance and punk rooted, so he is always a blessing to work with and it was amazing to get to do this with him. He is the kind of person who, having worked together and been friends for so long now, he like never hesitates to check me when I’m being crazy, which I’m really grateful for. The other person who co-wrote this record with us was Jamie Crewe, of Sheffield, UK, who performs as Poisonous Relationship. Jamie and I had been in contact on the internet for a long time and he had sent me a crop of songs that he had written that he felt didn’t quite synch with what he was doing with his music, one of which was “Like The Devil.” Immediately on hearing and recording that song I felt like I had written it, and that him and I were of really similar minds and spirit, and so after Nick and I committed to doing the album I figured, if singing Jamie’s songs is so powerful for me, what would it be like to try to write songs with him? So we all convened in Los Angeles for about 10 days and from the get go it was a total dream, just like every time I felt stumped Jamie would have the right idea, or lyric, or whatever, it all just came together really well and was really exciting to be able to just take time out and exist in this creative space with two really talented musicians. Jamie’s stuff is so incredible and his relationship with his emotions is so similar to mine – he is also an Aquarius. On the business end, after we had written this crop of demos I sent them just casually over to Rafael, of Ecstasy Records, just to see what he thought, and he was immediately like, yes, we wanna put it out, so that kind of spurred me on to really get serious and finish the project, because before I had kind of imagined I’d just work at it casually whenever Nick was in town and shop it around once it was done, but having that support system already in place was a really strong reason we were able to finish it at all. Rafael also fell in love with Jamie’s record Garden of Problems after I played him the sort of demo version while in Portland, which actually came out on Ecstasy a few months before mine, so it’s kind of a cool creative family we have going here. The guitarist on the record, Grant Martin, of the band Icewater, I actually met through my drag collaborator Sam Banks, who I was living with at the time in San Francisco, and after sharing one magical night together and reading that he had a room open in New York, I felt totally just so drawn to his energy and being that I up and decided to move to New York, at the same time as Nick did, which was amazing not just to be able to live with him and work with him musically, as Icewater became my go-to backing band and he came up with all these beautiful accompaniments for the songs, but Nick ended up moving in down the street, so we were suddenly in the same place at the same time, which had never happened before, very serendipitous. Grant passed away about 3 weeks ago so the record has become sort of retroactively about losing him as much as about losing love, so it’s been a really insane experience to say the least finally willing this thing onto the world.

Alexis Blair Penney

RO: You moved to New York from San Francisco, those two cities seem to always be fighting it out creatively in the gay music scene. The drag is definitely different on both sides of the spectrum. What has been the biggest difference you have noticed between the two cities? What do you miss the most and least about San Francisco?

Rest of interview after the Jump »»


Infinity Ink


You know we love them, and you should too. Sorry for not posting so much, things have been crazy for both of us, hope you can forgive us.




One of the coolest videos I have ever seen.


Dancing Strangers


Dancing Strangers-Nightwalker

So listening to the new Adult. album lately which I completely love, has put me in the mood for some darker sounds. Summer is coming, and even with this Cancun heat I still wear all black every day, dumb I know, but the darkness has always been in my veins. Dancing Strangers from Tijuana filled the spot and now I’m watching this video and missing home. Filmed in the seedy underbelly(if you wanna call it that) of Tijuana and showing us a bit of the 80′s style aesthetic visually and acoustically. Throw in a little Joy Division(they get that a lot), Soft Cell, and maybe even some references to the movie The Hunger and we get this indie masterpiece directed by Eric Wendt.


Rush Midnight


I love Rush Midnight so much, probably one of the most anticipated full lengths for me so far. Has all the best elements of music from the past 30 years. If you haven’t heard the other tracks you need to get them now, what are you waiting for?!




New video from Pyyramids from their new debut release “Brightest Darkest Day” which is out on April 15th. The album is great all the way through and really represents its title. Has some really dark moments yet some others full of beauty and positive melodies. For fans of Metric, Little Dragon, Kudu, and PJ Harvey.


Empire of The Sun


It’s happening.


Little Jinder


What an awesome surprise when I got this video in the mail this morning. Not only is the song great on this rainy and hot day but hubba hubba to the babe with a beard. Oh wait that’s my friend Pjotr! This is my jam!


Bonde do Role


I can never get enough of these guys, last years album “Tropicalbacanal” was on my top list for the year, and their beach and summer attitude works all year long. Absolutely no fucking limits. Let’s dance until the sun comes down then take off all of our clothes.


Midnight Juggernauts


Bigstereo favorites are baaaaaack and better than ever.


Von Haze


Why are more people not talking about these guys, they’re so dark and moody and exactly what we need again.




Happy Birthday Cody! Thanks for always making us dance and for making our heart beat.


Helado Negro


This is absolutely beautiful and it couldn’t have gotten to my inbox on a better day. Happy Valentines Day everyone.




New !!! couldn’t have come at a better time, let’s dance! One of my favorite bands to see live for sure.


The Postal Service


I think this is superb! What do you guys think?




Addictive. Beautiful. Timeless.

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